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1/21/2012 c13 4Mew of Fire
great story!
12/28/2011 c2 1Yoruichi89
loveing it so far my fav part of this ch is the last few lines LOL great job cant wate to read the rest of it
12/14/2011 c13 angel19872006
I have a few quick questions how did Quicksilver remove Magneto from the ground after kitty phased his (Magneto) hands and feet into the ground...And I thought the comic series said that Kitty is like Nightcrawler you know if they half way phased or teleported it could be dangerous...IE if Nightcrawler doesn't see where he's going he could get stuck in a wall and end up killing himself...And Kitty would end up losing a limb (legs, head, arms or torso)if she stopped in the middle of a phase...I would think that if they used there powers on someone else it would do the same aka Magneto would lose both hands and feet epically since the ground is solid and she lets go. It would mean that her powers would be longer in effect
9/28/2011 c2 3Warrior-princess1980
The very last part of chapter 2, hands down best lines ever. That still cracks me up!
7/30/2011 c13 7Mad Hatter Helsing
amazing story.
7/22/2011 c13 Amazingly Brilliant

As for endings I think you are right and I agree.

But not completely. You see, I don't care for happiness in the characters world, I just care for a sense of completeness. And this story is screaming at me because it wants a sequel.

(this may be slightly obnoxious, but i'm impulsive today)


7/4/2011 c13 2Splishboom
Just wanted to tell you I enjoyed reading your story, I thought it was entertaining and well written =)
6/23/2011 c13 1IWashedUpOnTheShore
Beautiful ending. I really enjoyed the whole thing, but its refreshing to see a not so happy ending.
6/22/2011 c13 1jacksperluvr
6/12/2011 c13 ALLREMS
Not sure how much I like an ending without an ending but hopefully you'll write about that darker world magneto has created.
5/26/2011 c13 helikesitheymikey
very interesting.

btw, how was Quicksilver able to whisk Magneto away since Kitty had phased his hands and feet into the ground?

love this story and can hardly wait to see where you'll take it.
5/21/2011 c13 7Le26199
Wow this story was fantastic! I hope you do decide to do a sequel: I loved the way you didn't overdo any angst between Rogue and Remy, it was such a refreshing change to just read a story that got to the point but was still believable.
5/18/2011 c13 6Stina686
This was awesome. I share your philosophy about endings; that's how I write as well.I really enjoyed this story, and look forward to more of your work in the future!
5/7/2011 c13 Jani
Great story! I liked the way you wrote it, the speed of the plot,...all of it :) Now looking forward to your next "movie" (you always have to leave 'em open-ended, right? Hollywood agrees.)
5/4/2011 c13 2Saint of the Sinners
I think it was a good ending to a very good story :)
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