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5/4/2011 c13 15New Dawn Rising
This ending certainly is different from the norm, but still good nonetheless. I guess with storywriting, it's having that control to end it all nicely, even though as you said, real life does not work that way. This was a good story. I know I enjoyed it.
5/3/2011 c13 Flpirate305
Hey Bellkie, woohoo what an ending.Wow, it was very intense, what will happen to the X-men now? Or for all mutants and human relations? Although, it does seem more like a huge cliff hanger, and I for one am very supportive, in the idea of a sequel. =)

Another Pyro and Gambit team up =)squeels Whoa check out Rogue and her ba self. Congratulations, on completing the story. Look forward to reading from you soon, hope you have a great week. =) MAR
5/3/2011 c13 MsTyp0
I've loved reading Noctambulism and was sad to see it end. Thanks for sharing this great story with us. :))

Will there be a sequel?
5/3/2011 c13 3Chica De Los Ojos Cafe
This was the perfect ending. You're right, not everything is a happy ending, this was definitely more realistic. I'll keep my eye out for a sequel in the future? =)

5/3/2011 c13 73Chellerbelle
Good chapter, and good story.
5/3/2011 c13 1Ilovebookshowboutyou
Great chapter I cant wait for the next one.Keep up the good work ^_^
5/3/2011 c13 1angel897
i think the ending fit just right but would not say no to a sequal, just a thought. congrants on completing your story as well :)
5/3/2011 c13 Umbra8191
great story over all and even thought the end was dark it was good.
5/3/2011 c13 24dog-tooth
This was a fitting ending to an amazing story.

Ill definetely be reading any sequel that you write :)

5/3/2011 c13 3tfobmv18
I absolutely love it. Keep up the good work.
5/3/2011 c13 annacat721
Wow seriously dark! But you're right about the lack of happily-ever-afters in the world. So now I'll be waiting for the sequel to hopefully have some happier tones. I enjoyed the story overall, even if Magneto has won this battle. I seriously look forward to seeing the X-Men regroup and kick some serious Brotherhood ass.
5/2/2011 c12 15New Dawn Rising
Good job! I like how John fought with them, instead of against.
5/1/2011 c12 KingCobraDLK
Great Story, keep up the good work - can't wait for the next chapter
5/1/2011 c12 ALLREMS
Yes it was too easy... could it have been a trap? Knowing Magneto probably not. More like a distraction, him sacrificing those he thought disposable. Probably not his strongest fighters either. Those he would save for when he took over Boston. The xmen better hope some mutants ally with them instead of Magneto in the big fight. Emma messing with the mutants head was confusing. When she trapped them in their head I was thinking she imobolized them somehow. Maybe implanted a thought to send them off in a different path or shut down part of their brain not what it sounded like her trying to control them. IDK maybe it was me?
5/1/2011 c12 Flpirate305
Ahh! So the battle begins...dun dun dun...

Alright, John's warning came just in time barely, thanks to Gambit's vast improvements on the mansions security =) and what's this safe houses? Wow are we prepared thank goodness don't think I could handle another mansion attack like that of X2. Poor Jubilee under pressure, aww Remy wants Rogue to stay safe, I loved their discussion it was some amazing Romyness. Rogue being her usual stubborn self and Remy being just as stubborn for her own good. ;)

Check Emma and her mad skills, whoa that is a lot to handle right in front of her and yet feeling and seeing and thinking what the female blue teleporter was. I would not wish to be in her shoes. I feel for her. Sweet! A Pyro and Gambit moment =)

Interesting, seeing (lol reading) Logan paired up with Kitty, but wow I am impressed with her skills in this fight at least. Not a bad team up. All I really have to say is that did seem too easy, I mean the X-men rock do doubt but, boy am I on edge just waiting for the other shoe to fall. Cliff hanger! Gah, the anticipation can't take it... lol

Look forward to reading from you soon, hope you have a great week. =) MAR
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