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6/19/2012 c50 12Onee-san
Wow it's been a while since I've reviewed. School and work have prevented me from reading any of my stories. Let me just say, wow. Finally they hook up. It's about freaking time. You make me laugh, you make me cry, and as soon as Chef Flambe showed up I knew he was Ramsey, and that in and of itself was a wonderful part of this arc. The whole party was just amazing. I kind of think it was my favorite part. And I thought you were gonna have Kurt go all avatar-state again, but I'm glad you used Rachel's new found abilities instead. Now I need to read the other 21 chapters I'm behind on, but since I finished the arc, I figured you should get a review for it. Because it was awesome.

Have a dozen cookies!
6/18/2012 c1 9sincerely-jessy
I enjoyed this chapter thoroughly and the story just started.
6/14/2012 c65 14Ghostlanxx
6/14/2012 c64 Ghostlanxx

I hope one day I'll write a review that will not start with that word.

STUPID SPOILED PUMPOUS THAD FOR MAKING BLAINE GO WITH HIM AND PUTTING HIM IN THE WAY OF SEBASTIAN OF ALL PEOPLE. That douche is poisoning them from the INSIDE. I wasn't expecting it, but he's a thousand times worse that JESSE ST JAMES!

And Kurt just keeps saying the damn wrong things. It's a testament to how much this story made me love him that I can't fault him for ANYTHING. :D I want to know about his and Artie's pasts so bad...
6/14/2012 c63 Ghostlanxx
*reads preview* DIE SEBASTIAN DIE

I know that is probably the smallest problem the gang has, but I regret nothing.
6/14/2012 c62 Ghostlanxx

And Artie... I just hope that Artie's shenanigans will end up putting Santana and Puck on Klaine's side against Sylvester :(

BUT NO I DON'T LIKE. DON'T LIKE AT ALL. Sebastian, I don't care that you saved Blaine just now, you are going to be the cause of all kind of shit. DO. NOT. WANT.

I hope Kurt goes into avatar mode one more time. I love it when people recognise him as a bamf :D also, I just realized, the water tribe Finn and Kurt came from is the really misogynistic one, isn't it? They must have treated Kurt like shit there :S I remember he said Karofsky's name one time (was it the toad?), so that happened... Life must have really sucked for him before Blaine. *sob* *hug* *pushes Blaine to Kurt to hug*

6/14/2012 c61 Ghostlanxx
6/14/2012 c60 Ghostlanxx
NO. This is NOT good. Every time they were separated, things went to shit and one of them almost died. :( (or met Thad and got a life-long frenemy)

And why do I have the feeling this is where Sebastian will come in. UGH.

And Artie! Kurt, you made a mistake, it's okay, just tell somebody and start fixing things! *so worried for everything* Fincedes fighting, Artie missing, Blaine away, things are heading South! *why did you make me so invested with your awesomeness? Damn you!*
6/14/2012 c59 Ghostlanxx
Okay, I'm not reading on my phone any more, so I'm starting the reviewing!

HOLY. SHIT. This is probably the most elaborate detailed well-thought out fan fiction I have EVER read. So many little things, so many pasts, every character is interesting and different, I can't even imagine coming up with a world like this.

As to this chapter: ARTIE. NO. *wail*
6/12/2012 c17 Guest
Dude, fuck me this is some amazing sh-

I mean like WOOOOOOW!

I still love Santana an' all but Jesus! She was such a bitch!

The tilted head thingy just like broke mah heart from sweetness!

Fair play, my friend. Fair play...

6/7/2012 c70 Chanria
nope,shit isn't getting real,now shit BEYOND real.

6/5/2012 c71 5waveblader213
OH MY GOD THAT WAS THE MOST INTENSE THING I HAVE EVER READ! Seriously that was ridiculous. The way Sue is set up to be incredibly powerful is amazing, I can't wait to see how our hero's match up to her down the line. But for now she seems absolutely invincible. AND DINOSAURS! HOLY SHIT I FORGOT ABOUT THOSE! God, you are just an amazing writer, I can't wait to see what you do next.
6/5/2012 c71 9Blood Soaked Redemption
Oh my gosh. This story has officially taken the title of my favorite fanfiction of all time, which is saying something considering the absurdly vast quantity that I read on a regular basis. I'm really excited that you're updating regularly again, because waiting for a long time for a new chapter at this point in the story just might kill me :)
6/5/2012 c71 10Robbie the Phoenix
Considering she's Sue Sylvester, I wasn't surprised at all that she survived; her being a firebender didn't even enter into my thoughts. I'm actually glad that she was stronger than Blaine; it makes for a more interesting story, and also makes sense considering she's been at it a lot longer than he has and she *did* manage to hold her own in a fight with his dad, even she wasn't quite winning.

On the Kurt side of things, I've said before, but it was a long time ago, so it bears repeating: Avatar!Kurt is *awesome*; I love it when he lets loose and starts battling entire armies.

Cannot wait for the next chapter. I really look forward (with equal parts anticipation and dread) to seeing what happens. I haven't forgotten that one of those boys isn't going to be seeing another sunrise.
6/4/2012 c69 Robbie the Phoenix
This chapter gave me... feelings. Strong feelings. About Puck and Santana. On the one hand, they shouldn't have joked about betraying Artie. On the other hand, I can't believe he left them! And this isn't just the Brittana shipper in me; I felt seriously betrayed on their behalf.

And on the subject of Artie, holy crap! More feelings! That poor guy is coming apart at the seams, and does it make me a bad person that I cannot *wait* to find out just how seriously messed up his melon is?
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