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9/30/2013 c17 Ann198
Love your story. :)
9/9/2013 c27 24dejaceratops
I always re-read this chapter and the last one at least twice before I move on with the rest of the story 1) because Blaine/Artie friendship/relationship/any ship is among my favorite things on the face of the earth and 2) your Artie is fascinating and gorgeous and hilarious and I love the shit outta him. I miss so much about your story when updates take a while to come along, but I think I miss your Artie the most. This chapter - especially that revelation about Artie's past - is amazing and always hits me right in the chest.
8/22/2013 c50 10AGleekyPackersFan
This was BRILLIANT! My mind was blown all the way to the North Pole! Thank God Klaine finally got their act together, I hope Finchel get together as well, and I cannot wait to read even more.

Epic awesome job! :)
8/21/2013 c17 AGleekyPackersFan
Since you worked so hard, I'm dropping you a review :)

Dude, let's just say that was a BOSS chapter. Everything flowed beautifully and let's just say I was on the edge of my couch reading this.

Before reading this, I was thinking of how terrible this story was, because I found Avatar: The Last Airbender kinda dumb (no offense). After deciding to read the first chapter, I fell in love with the whole concept. Now, if it's ever on tv, I'm going to watch it :)

Excellent job! Can't wait to read even more!
8/16/2013 c75 klainer8967
i love the story and caught up on all 75 chapters in like 2 update soon with the rest of the you :)
8/2/2013 c75 9Rife Blemme
I can honestly say, without a doubt, that this is one of the best, if not THE best Glee story I've ever read. Maybe even better than "Dalton." Please keep writing!
6/24/2013 c18 mssarmu
I'm on Ch.10, but does Rachel or Tina ever come in? :(
6/23/2013 c2 mssarmu
I love this Fic. You make all the character's hilarious :)
6/4/2013 c75 kaitlinklaine
I love this story so much! Your details are so vivid and I can picture every single scene! You have done a wonderful job capturing all of the characters! I really hope that you continue this story! :3
6/4/2013 c75 Kaitlin
I am in LOVE with this! This story is soooooo fascinating! Your writing style is fantastic! I am in love with this story! You have put so much hard work in this story and it shows! I REALLY hope that you continue! :3
5/28/2013 c75 1hummingbird.rdh
Alright so I just re-read this amazing story up to Where it leaves off and I just to say; I love you. I genuinely love everything about this. I quite literally wept in ch75 and I felt like such a girl. Grr, I hate you a little for taking Blaine away.. However I would just like to metaphorically beg on my hands and knees for an update. I don't want to be a jerkwad and rush you, but this is one of the all around best things I've ever read. Please bestow an update or two and I will forever sing your praises. For real. I am obsesed! 3
5/27/2013 c1 25rhymeswithmonth
Hi I love this story, you manage to write in a way that feels very much like the show does, with a good balance of humor and action. I love the idea of Lady Gaga and Josh Groban as Kurt's past lives and I wanted to draw what I imagined they would look like and well...it kinda got out of hand. If you'd be interested in checking it out art/Gl-avtr-374221650?ga_submit_new10%253A13696820 85

Looking forward to reading more!
5/10/2013 c30 5awesome purple monkey
I love how I feel like I'm reading a show. The page breaks feel like a commercial just ended and the shows back on. Amusing and entertaining as always.
5/5/2013 c29 awesome purple monkey
You know what? I actually rather enjoy reading their interactions. It's really awesome to see their dynamics and see Quinn be such a bitch. The whole thing is just great. Didn't see the Sam thing coming.
5/5/2013 c20 22Separate Entity
I liked the conversation with Finn and Blaine.
And I just now got the threat of being grounded from last chapter.
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