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4/16/2013 c22 5awesome purple monkey
So um...I really love those small moments between Kurt and Blaine. Even though I can't wait till it gets to that point, I'm glad we're at chapter 22 and they aren't shoving each others tongues down their throats. Also. Mercedes just cracks me up! Like Sue, you write her spot on. I get such a kick when she says, "Oh HILLS no." Cracks. me. up! I hear her in my head. The flashbacks of the dangerous duo were great too. The one with Artie didn't sound too bad though. Suddenly I want chocolate...The air benders have to be Mike and Brittany right? Not sure of any other person who would be falling from the sky and talking to rocks. I'm just taking a shot in the dark with Mike.
4/16/2013 c21 awesome purple monkey
It was nice to read about Wes and David's relationship with Blaine in the beginning. I can't imagine Blaine being hard to love. I sincerely hope they're alive somewhere! And maybe Blaine'll find them at some point in his journey with the Avatar? I forgot to mention before, but I totally love how you made Lady Gaga an Avatar! It was funny how um...erotic? you made her. Sam is smart in this story? lol. Maybe not though, since he helped Sue plan her takeover of the Fire Nation...
4/16/2013 c20 awesome purple monkey
Judging by next chapter's title they run into Sam. So um...overall I'm still just feeling sad for Blaine. I'm wondering though, are you gonna draw the romance out like in the last airbender series because you plan on making it long? Or are you gonna go more Legend of Avatar Korra style and introduce the romance early on. It seems like you're going in that direction and I love reading those two being all "secretly" into each other. Also really like your idea of Blaine bonding with the others. Reminded me of poor Toph trying to bond with Zuko and how she didn't quite get the same treatment as everyone else lol.
4/16/2013 c19 awesome purple monkey
Blaine is too adorable. Mercedes wanting Blaine to teach Finn and Artie lessons on etiquette cracked me up! Especially their responses to it too! Sue is just plain scary, again excellent job portraying her. Spot on! I'm still waiting for the crap to hit the fan when Blaine realizes everything that has happened. Still no word of Wes and David? Oh! and another thing, is Blaine still not going to be able to fire bend? I really hope all the guilt and inner turmoil he's going to be feeling will get resolved soon otherwise it's going to continue to affect his bending.
4/16/2013 c18 awesome purple monkey
I wonder why Kurt isn't a healer and Finn is? I guess it's kinda funny how Finn has that ability and he hasn't even fully mastered his element yet. When will we hear more on Wes and David? Please tell me they didn't die too! They can't die! I'm anxious to see how Blaine will react upon hearing the sh*t storm that is his life now...and the ending, so funny. Poor Kurt.
4/16/2013 c17 awesome purple monkey
Whoa. Just..whoa. Does this mean the Firelord is dead? This makes me sad. Blaine is gonna be so messed up when he wakes up. I'm pretty sure he's gonna be messed up for awhile. Really cool to read about Kurt going into Avatar mode, totally saw that coming after Blaine toppling to the ground. I'm wondering though, does Blaine know how to make lightning yet? And since he saw that he can make blue fire, does that mean he realizes that he might be a prodigy? So many questions..better keep reading!
4/16/2013 c16 awesome purple monkey
Holy balls of FIRE! It is going DOWN! Crazy intense chapter!
4/16/2013 c15 awesome purple monkey
Um, well. sh*t. Gotta say I'm really enjoying all of this crazy chaotic action. The point of view swapping doesn't negatively impact the story at all, just makes it actually feel like I'm reading a show. Not sure if I've already said that or not...Sam knows Kurt and his posse?
4/14/2013 c14 awesome purple monkey
Can I just say I love how Finn named the dragon moose Drizzle? Great. Wes and David: funny as hell. How does Sam come into all this? Is there going to be any Mercedes and Sam loving? Blaine and Kurt separating? Makes me sad! Bittersweet goodbyes suck! Things just keep getting more heated! Literally! ha ha
4/14/2013 c13 awesome purple monkey
Loved it. Loved the whole thing! Battle sequences are so rare to read on Fanfiction! At least I haven't found many in the Glee universe. So much fun to read! Glad to see Blaine is becoming aware of his capabilities.
4/14/2013 c12 awesome purple monkey
So many points of view here and strangely I liked it. This very much feels like an actual show :) I hope Kurt gives them hell for touching his man!
4/14/2013 c11 awesome purple monkey
Loved the interactions with Blaine and Wes and David at the beginning there! They are so much fun to read together! And just wow. A lot is happening here. Should I be worried?
4/14/2013 c10 awesome purple monkey
Blaine is just too freaking cute for words. That is all I can say. And let me guess! He created some good ol' lightning! Fire bending Prodigy indeed. And Kurt is so silly. Burning his hair..pfft. Strange, I don't know who this person at the end could be. Is it Sam maybe? I don't know. Random guess.
4/14/2013 c9 awesome purple monkey
Mercedes is one tough chick, which is why I agree with her being an Earth bender. Artie is an ex-convict?! Finn went to prison?! Crazy background that needs to be explained! Love what Kurt says to Blaine at the end here :)
4/14/2013 c8 awesome purple monkey
Pavarotti is too adorable! As always the Klaine flashbacks were much appreciated. The Finn and Kurt bonding was cute
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