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2/5/2013 c75 Jamie
You are still the best person ever.
2/4/2013 c75 24Unfortunate Fates
Not gonna lie, I shrieked a little when I saw this had updated.

Clever, witty, and charming as ever.

I'll never stop loving this story.
2/3/2013 c75 Spudface
I had almost forgotten about this fic, I'm so pleased it was updated again. Great as usual and I can't wait to see how it ends yet I'm also dreading it finishing, I would be so happy if you were to write a sequel, or many sequels :)
2/3/2013 c75 5waveblader213
Oh my gosh, words cannot describe how happy I was this came out. And the whole chapter just reminded me why I enjoy you work so much. The Dragon Hawks meeting was probably the most hilarious thing I've read in recent memory, even though it eventually devolves into chaos. But I can't put into words how much heartbreak I had during this chapter. I never expected that seeing Sebastian for who he is would be so heart-rending god I felt bad. And I hated his ass from the moment he appeared. I also have never had such an urge to slap Blaine in the face as I did when he was projecting on poor Seb. I couldn't believe that he would be so naive so I'm glad that there is an actual legitimate reason for his assholery. In summary your work is as wonderful as always and I can't wait to see the conclusion of this piece, and then await your actual writing in the real world, because if this is any indication you're gonna be absolutely fantastic.
2/3/2013 c75 MotherGoddamn
Brilliant as always. I can't wait to see how this plays out.
2/3/2013 c75 6Gatalicious
Yay! You're back with a bang!Looking forward to more!
2/3/2013 c75 rootbeer and love
2/3/2013 c75 21inkbender
Ohhh man. I was about to write off this fic as "on hiatus." I'd almost given up all hope on it! Glad it's back, though every small reminder that the Fire arc is wrapping itself up brings a stab of pain, knowing that Book 3 (or any of the rest of the books) isn't coming back, ever. My inner reader is dying. But I respect your decision to drop fanfiction, since you've probably poured two and a half books' worth of effort into it yet you CAN'T garner any profit from it. (Other than the personal satisfaction garnered from hundreds of obsessed readers begging for the next update.)

Okay, comments on the story itself: I'm not going to lie, Sebastian's concussion felt like a major Deus Ex Machina; though with Sebastian being the way he is, there probably was no other way to squeeze information out of him unless he'd suffered heavy head trauma. Oh dear. I (sort of) called it! So Sebastian doesn't have a lover stranded on the islands... he has an entire group of people depending on him. Dark and dangerous... I wonder if Sebastian was like that before his faith in humanity was crushed upon returning to the mainland. Was he as much of an asshole as he is now back with he was barely surviving with Angie and Craig and Madge on the islands? Or when he was the rich Earth kingdom boy hanging out on Cinder Island?

And at least, hey, Sebastian's on the good side now! Heh. At least for now. For now, he's totally this story's antihero. To the extreme. I'm looking forward to his interactions with Team Avatar in the future! Or at least, however much future we have left in the Fire arc. Saving Thad and Sam, escorting Sebastian and his unmerry band of survivors away from island imprisonment, and then escaping the Fire Nation all in one piece: just how many chapters will that take?

I don't mean to be critical here, but I feel like there might be a good many more chapters to go. Remember the battle on the train? I loved it. So much action. The entire time I was thinking, "This would be a SPECTACULAR movie." And as an action scene within a movie, where every image represents a thousand words, that would be appropriate. But in words... the train battle, and more recently, the battle with Kurt in the Avatar state... that was LOTS of action. Not that I didn't enjoy it, but at once point I realized, "Are they STILL fighting?"

Rachel here is very much the Season 1 Rachel we once knew and loved. Have you seen the latest episode, Naked, in which Rachel Berry sings a duet with herself? Once I saw them side-by-side, I immediately thought, "This is it. It's a duet between Rachel Berry and Lea Michele." Because I still associate Rachel Berry with that stagehog with the brilliant show smile, and I love that that's what she shows here. But I also appreciate that she and Kurt have skipped right over the rivalry they had in the first season and, in this story, warmed up to each other with the friendship they show in the third season.

Hey Rachel, don't be so down on yourself! You airbent at the end of the train battle! With that explosive bubble that shot everybody out of certain death!

Also have to mention I LOVE Mercedes' and Artie's dialogues. So in da hood haha. By the way, will we find out what Artie's backstory is? There's been hints of Lake Laogai brainwashing and possible multiple personality disorder, but apart from that, we readers don't know much. Will Artie's mysterious past be revealed within this arc, or was it, like Brittany's reappearance and Quinn's pregnancy, planned for a future arc that now will never come?

I am definitely looking forward to the next chapter, whenever it may come! Thank you for taking the effort to finish the story. If it could be a published work, I would certainly buy it. Oh man. If only...
2/2/2013 c75 Alison
I actually gasped aloud when I saw this updated. I am waaaay too sleepy to give this the attention it deserves tonight, but it is getting read 1st thing in the morning, I assure you.
2/2/2013 c75 29C.Watherston
Awesome, awesome, awesome, as usual! Sebastian's crazy-breakdown was such a powerful way of humanising him. Well done. And the Klaine almost-a-break up was spot on!
Literally can't wait for the next installment!
2/2/2013 c75 1SkylarFiari
*squeal* YES YOU'RE BACK! Oh gosh, this is awesome, I loved the chapter! Sebastian's whole backstory was fascinating in a tragic way, but he's still a meerkat in my eyes! And the semi-goodbye scene legitimately made me tear up. Plus, I love a good Rachel and Kurt scene! Overall, it was squeal inducing! :D
2/2/2013 c75 10Robbie the Phoenix
So many feelings in this chapter! I should be used to it after seventy-five chapters, but it always takes me by surprise. Sebastian's story (hell Sebastian himself) was wretched and heartbreaking and I actually wanted to punch Blaine a little even though I understood where he was coming from, after finding out Sebastian's story, I thought he was being a little harsh. (Which made sense once they figured out he was just projecting his own self-loathing.)

And now Blaine is planning on leaving Kurt again! I don't care if it's the right thing to do, that *hurts*. I'll be holding out hope for the immediate future that something happens and they don't actually have to go their separate ways. This *is* a Klaine story, after all. You wouldn't really put an ocean between... I hope.

Next chapter certainly sounds like it's going to be interesting, especially if those frenemies are who I think they are.
2/2/2013 c75 23Parmelde Lorntiere
BLANGST! I love Blangst! and there is so much of it and Kurt was having it and I was just like yay! and then Rachel ruined it. grrrr. I love Sebastian. I love how horrible he is and how he knows that and isn't going to change. He's out for himself and that's it. Well also everyone else, but yea. I knew that Blaine probably wouldn't go with Kurt. I loved that part. again...Blangst...I love it. I hope someone draws a pic of Kurt and Rachel's hair after Earth bending. One last hurrah before they part ways to rescue friends from prison. I'm excited!
1/27/2013 c74 1SweetTalks
This story had me hooked for so long! I really hope you will continue because I can't live without an ending! I always wondered when Blaine will finally master his blue flame and I kind of hope it will stay now..
I want to thank you for an amazing story! LOVE IT.
1/20/2013 c74 6Shadow of Conflict
This story is amazing! You do such a really great job of winding together all the various character's subplots (I perhaps enjoyed Jesse's continual abuse a little too much) and it's great to see how much thought you've put into them all.

Some of my favourite scenes were those with Puck and Santana; I really loved Puck's interaction with Killgore and his moping when the rhino wasn't around. Santana's my favourite character, so I was happy that she got to kickass even though she's not a bender and I'm really looking forward to seeing these two make a reappearance (because they are so not finished with Artie for what he did).

I think you nailed all the characters down and made them likeable. In cannon, I flicker between liking and disliking Rachel but so far in your fic she's only ever been annoying in a comedic way. All other characters have been true to their originals (at least as true as possible given the completely different settings).

I'm really looking forward to reading more; are there really another two books to come after this one? This story is already epically long!
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