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1/19/2013 c74 lunarbeast15
OMG, Great chapter. Great one to start it back up again. And Sebastian being a plague surviver I honestly wouldn't have guessed. Very excited to hear his story, and to hear what happened to everyone else. God this story is like crack, but not the bad kind, Lol.
1/6/2013 c74 Yes
Omg just finished, took me 3 days and I stayed up all night and didn't finish this until 9 am. It takes real talent to fuse two shows that are so completely different and turn it into something so good. This is probably one of the best story's I've read in years. It's very rare when I literally get chills and its happened twice this story. You had me hooked at the first avatar state freak out. In the last 3 years of me reading fan fiction daily I've saved 4 story's into my bookmarks. You have just became the fifth.
1/5/2013 c55 Wtf
A 30,000 word chapter about a bunch of characters we just met and don't care about yet? Are you serious? Talk about filler.
12/26/2012 c74 Narwhal
I do hope you manage to find the motivation to finish out your story - at least this book. The way you illustrate the battle scenes is fantastic and quite enjoyable to read. I do find the filler stories/side-side stories a bit of a nuisance though. I'd like to view this Book (along with the new two if you write them) as a Blaine/Kurt Romance/Trials and Tribulations. It's nice to see the older styles of writing being brought to play where you bring every character in with back-story and tie to the main characters, but I feel it's weighing down too much on your progression of the main plot itself. Hopefully you have your eyes set on Blaine and Kurt finishing this book and the next two together and helping each other grow as benders and people. Some of your best scenes have been their training where they teach each other - clever how you work in ways to combine water and firebending. Nonetheless, great work so far and thanks for providing me with several hours of entertainment.

On a completely unrelated note - I love the Rachel character your conjured. She's a very fun comedic relief character by being completely over exaggerated.
12/21/2012 c74 16Siana.E
ok, wow, where do i begin?
There so many things that i want to say!
I was caugh in a strange Avatar mood some weeks ago and decided to re-watch the entire thing. And then it wasn't enough and i found this. And at first, i was like, wow too many chapters, and it's not finished (and there is nothing more frustrating than that, when you begin to read a story and are really into it and BAm! you realize that the last update was months ago and it's very likely that you're never gonna have the end) but i've give it a try and i was hooked. I spend, like , 2 /3 weeks reading it little bit by little bit and becoming more and more involved in it and i'm just amazed by your ability to carry on such a great story with so many plots and characters without letting a single one behind. I mean, you give so much depth to all of them, there all here for a reason and not just because they're Glee characters that you have to fit in the story. And what a story! The battle scenes are so great! i don't like it usually because it became very quickly boring but, i don't know, you manage it quite well. And i love the fact that you have kept the same cartoon-like humor that made Avatar so fun to watch. Sometimes i have the impression that the characters's traits don't quite match with the actual Glee show, but in the other hand, there is little hints here and there and...i don't know, it made the whole thing work.
So, thanks for this, because it was a pleasure to come home and know that i've got to read that and be amazed and entertained! I'm looking forward to the next chapters!
Also, sorry if some of this wasn't understandable, i'm not a native english speaker! (that's why i've read the whole thing at the speed of an old snail...)
12/9/2012 c1 Jamie
I hope you plan on publishing original novels in the future. I would totally buy anything written by you. Hell, I would buy this if you printed it and started selling copies.
11/11/2012 c74 Maggie R
I loved this. You had me guessing about Sebastian right up until Kurt said it. I thought that hed been through something similar to Artie before he can remember, but this is such an interesting dynamic.

I love that youre exploring the dragon hawks, I love the different viewpoints you incorporate, and you seem to have such a through, detailed understanding and working knowledge of the complex universe the story takes place in.

This is perfection.

I cannot wait for the next chapter
11/5/2012 c74 nonsane
I am so excited! I have been waiting for the new chapter of solar winds. I check every few days and let me say that it is always worth the wait.
11/5/2012 c72 HandInTheCookieJar
this story is just so epic! Your use of Chekhov's gun is masterful!
11/5/2012 c74 Anon
I can't get over how amazing this fic is! I just love the idea of fusing my two favorite tv shows and just salfjalksfjslfn the humor, the action, the plot, characterization, and it just makes me feel so much. Definitely one of my favorite fics, though it is one of the hardest to follow due to all the stuff you pack in to every chapter. This is probably a fic I'll reread on rainy days (or when another hurricane hits, go NJ) and curl up somewhere cozy.

Please update soon! I'm so excited to hear what Sebastian has to say. Although this story makes him the type of character I love to hate, in general I just love how slimy he is and how his silver tongue makes him so manipulative. He becomes such an intriguing character, not to mention how you fit courage into the story to help both Kurt and Blaine. And Wes with his super metaphorical ramblings
11/4/2012 c74 MotherGoddamn
I didn't realise I had missed a chapter before this, so it was doubly exciting. Perfect as always. I welled up during Kurt's scene alone with the devastation of his power. Fantastic cliffhanger and can't wait for the next part!
11/4/2012 c74 Alison
I was so pleased with the update, you have no idea, and that was before I'd even read it yet!

The way you've worked "courage" into the equation here is wonderful. Blaine really pulled himself up by his own bootstraps there and he's really becoming a leader, even if he can't always see it in himself. And now Kurt and Blaine can commiserate on being good people at heart who have caused some really bad shit. Yay?

The scene with Wes stabbed me right in the heart, affection and humor all mushed together with sorrow and remorse, too many feels at once! Wes still worried about his friends, the darkness of space, that line caused me physical pain, I think.

All those crazy lies Sebastian got the dragon hawks to buy in to and his glorious insults once he finally got found out made me love his weasly, villainous self even more. He is just such a little shit and the worst part is I feel sorry for him. Looking forward to the denoument of that subplot.

In conclusion, still loving the group dynamics, A for the action and humor, and please don't feel the need to rush to a conclusion because I will be sad when this awesome story is over.
11/4/2012 c74 Guest
wow, that was intense. I love how you inducted the whole Courage thing right now because everyone absolutely needs some to face the future. I just think t's amazing how you're able to bring things in at the right time and I completely forgot about that evacuation order, oh my gosh thank goodness that happened. I've also been re-reading this story for a while and I can't believe I didn't pick up on Artie having been in Lake Laogai until the second read-through. There is some fucked up shit going on everywhere and I can't wait to see how it all comes together and gets solved. Also, Sebastian finally getting what he deserved was sooooo cathartic haha.
11/3/2012 c74 rootbeer and love
/screams in anticipation and excitement
11/3/2012 c74 Mycelia
exile it takes your mind again

a delight to read, as always. i'm very curious to hear sebastian's story now.
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