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for A Whole New Chance at Life

3/6/2011 c2 twifan1987
just read the story for the 1st time, and iam looking forward tp reading more
2/24/2011 c2 pizziagirl
like it. update soon
2/1/2011 c1 4sneaky lunitic spy
thanks for setting up and sorting out who everyone is and how old they are
2/1/2011 c2 sneaky lunitic spy
ok bella seems to me like a good person with poor judment and i believ that she is very fortanite to i mean she has friends and people who care about her even if jake is a cold hearted basterd and i wish sever evil opon him and i wish sever good luck on bella

~Faithfully Luny Bird~
1/11/2011 c2 1shayna.lane
from this chapter I find bella to be week and a dormat I hope she grows up a bit after being divorced and works on herself image and esteem she needs to be happy with herself before she finds it with someone else and I wish for nothing but bad things to happen to jake

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