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5/10/2020 c31 6x-rayLady
Nice collection of stories! The tickling spell sounds interesting, but it's been so long since the last update that you might not plan on writing it anymore...
1/6/2019 c8 linz1haley
Only one word ALMOST qualified to subscribe this, HILARIOUS... DUDE I LOLED
11/8/2018 c3 Guest
Bradley and Colin reference caught!
9/30/2018 c13 trekmel
Cathartic -yes, that was what this was. Merlin always had so much on his shoulders so its nice to read something like this on how it could have been.
9/30/2018 c7 trekmel
I found myself riveted by the conversation between these two beloved characters. I think you captured the characters brilliantly. Thank you for this.
11/28/2017 c3 IWouldGetUpButNah
I got it! The spider! They are so cute together, lol. That spider was blooddy massive too haha
9/18/2017 c7 5kyuzi4869
I am definitely crying! I HAVE WATERFALL IN MY FACE! This is incredibly wonderful and heartbreaking
This IS great
Thank you very much
9/3/2017 c31 7FreyaMyth10
Yay! This was very good
8/17/2017 c27 11PurpleFlyingBird
Oh Gwaine! Hahaha XD
8/17/2017 c21 PurpleFlyingBird
I absolutely loved the conversation between Merlin's horse and Merlin once his mare had forgiven him. :D

Sleep-spelling! Wow.
4/8/2017 c8 Guest
Speaking of cruel phobia names (like hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia), did you know that aibohphobia is the fear of palindromes?
1/3/2017 c31 Guest
Helloooooo? R u still there? COME BACK! (please) ;P
11/25/2016 c27 20fireicewriter42
Love. It. So. Much.
9/6/2016 c21 3csarbani14
I was eating during your last chapter. I was eating during this one too.
NoteTo Self: Never eat while reading emanichescat crack
9/1/2016 c11 10Lya200
Hobbledehoy is probably my favorite word. We placed Balderdash, and that was the word. I remembered that gawky was a part of the real definition, but my family remembers my amazing definition, and we still use it to this day.
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