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12/9/2011 c7 3Savbiker
Damn.. Had thought this was RxD..
12/9/2011 c7 Ashes2Dust18
Worth the wait? Yes, but whats up with all the cutting?
12/9/2011 c7 runriot
I am a new reader and I think that your story is amazing. I love the plot. Like a lot. Keep up this awesomeness of yours! I hope Rose is okay, tho. :)

Update! :D
12/8/2011 c7 1xxbabyfactorxx
I read this WHOLE story for an hour non-stop its reallyyyyy good! I cant wait for the next!1 Quick question are u gunna put rose and dimitri together? I love it when there together! Don't take it the wrong way i love Adrian too but I lLOVEEE dimtri more!
8/2/2011 c6 6NightWrighter511
While I love that you got rid of Andre I have to ask WHERE THE HELL IS DIMITRI?
8/1/2011 c6 1SarahLouise122
this is awesommeee please UD soon
7/31/2011 c6 4werewolf18
aww cant wait for you to update
7/31/2011 c6 Ashes2Dust18
After doing that 2 rose, i hope its the end! Besides, Adrian is perfect for her!
7/23/2011 c6 2deliciouse
It sounds like a brilliant story...but it doesn't sound much like a Rose and Dimitri story and Dimitri isn't in it much...there seems to be alot of Andre and its a great story for all those readers who want to see Rose with Andre.
7/22/2011 c6 1xEvery.Rose.Has.It's.Thorns.x
Awesome story.Andre is such an ass i think someone should kick the crap outta him for doing that to Rose, and I dont mean Lissa I mean like one of her guy friends or something. :D
7/14/2011 c6 2ElenaMazur
Rose & Andre ending was a little weird n out of character... You should of given an explanation or something I'm still confused... But other than that it was a great chapter! Update soon please! :)
7/8/2011 c6 1TheStarsAreAlwaysThere
This is a really good story! keep it up! :)
7/7/2011 c6 barefoot beauty
Hells yeah liss! I dont know how to feel about andre? Either he really did lie to rose or someone made him? The little "do you still love me"question is keeping me from ruling him off as no bueno for rose. But I love ADRIAN :D he is absolutely the hottest and sweetest moroi ! And wheres dimitri? If rose should end up with anyone it should be him or adrian :)
woah, more! :O
7/5/2011 c6 1loventherussian17
great chapter cant wait to see what happens next update soon
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