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for A Whole New World

7/4/2011 c6 Behatley
Love it, can't wait for the next chapter.
7/4/2011 c6 2ChloeHoran
Okay, to get a few things sorted. I never said she was going to have feelings for everyone. This story may be an exaggeration of a situation but this shit happens on a regular basis I'm an example, personal experience. As for the whole guy thing with Rose shit happens, if you haven't seen it then I don't know where you've been.

As for Rose and Christian, she didn't know he was a but they still kissed and dated etc. I suppose if you want to look into it more you could say she thought he was human. :}

-Chloe x
7/4/2011 c3 2Ineedcookies
just wondering, in the last chapter you said rose and christian 'fooled around' and in this one you said she didnt realise he was a moroi...would she not have kissed him?
7/4/2011 c6 5justPROMISE
Love it :D

Please update soon ;)
7/4/2011 c6 3gopherluv


gopher :)
7/4/2011 c6 Ellixie
Um...wow...I mean...wtf? This is too...weird. I'd say fucked up, but that would be rude and an exaggeration, it isn't far from it though. Seriously? This chapter ruined the whole story. The next thing I know, she's going to have feeling for Dimitri too. And I'm going to drop this story if that happens. Although I'm totally team Dimitri, the story at that point would be too fucked up. No offense.
6/19/2011 c5 5justPROMISE
If you don't update soon I'll cry xD

Amazing chapter- so heartbreaking!

I love this story so much, you're a very talented writer! :D
6/19/2011 c3 justPROMISE
Please let her end up with dimitri ;)

Bahaha, I love this story :D
6/19/2011 c2 justPROMISE
Amazing :D
6/19/2011 c1 justPROMISE
6/12/2011 c5 barefoot beauty
Like dimitri? Lol
6/11/2011 c5 2ElenaMazur
aww i cant wait for you to update :)
6/10/2011 c5 3gopherluv
:) update soon!


gopher :)
6/7/2011 c5 4Smileyface Devil
please dont make rose pregnant or something like that...cuz it would be a little jacked up if u did...but please keep updating
6/7/2011 c5 1liv.loves.vamps
Sad but good!
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