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for Rogue and Gambit: Continuation

12/1/2018 c1 dr.comic.PH'D
its LeBeau not Le Beau its one word not two
7/6/2011 c8 cheferica222
wow really cool .
7/6/2011 c8 cheferica222
wow really cool .
7/6/2011 c7 Guest
as i said before this story is awesome sorry but that is all i can szy
7/6/2011 c1 cheferica222
omg i love this story it is so cute ! omg ! this story is awesome for me that is u see i am kind of a romantic person so u know what that means right if u dont then that means that i love romance stories and my favorite character inside xmen is gambit because he is funny and wierd like me so make some more stories and i will review okay bye !
5/15/2011 c11 2crystaliz
lovely story and i liked it even more after you took over haha. (: thank you for all the wonderful fluff! remy is just soo good with rogue. :D
5/9/2011 c11 16aecul
Wow, you really don't like Mystique, huh?

This was a very cute and fluffy chapter. I especially loved the wedding (I LOVE weddings! ^ ^) and the part where Rogue starts learning about her new powers. Seeing Remy's family was awesome too. So was the Jonda at the end. Cute!

Good job with this story! It had a fun plot and I enjoyed reading it. :)
5/8/2011 c11 4BadW0lfGirl
Awwwwwww! 3 3 3 3 3 3 Perfect ending :D
5/8/2011 c11 Icelynne
Glad to have you back hun. What a wonderful ending! Looking forward to your next story! Take care:)
4/19/2011 c10 16aecul
Ha, Pyro names his lighters. XD

I really liked the conversation between Beast and the Professor (you did a great job with that part), and how when Rogue was battling Carol Danvers the other psyches were cheering her on. My favorite part was the ending-so cute! I loved it. And yay, Rogue's back. :)

Nice job!
4/18/2011 c10 4BadW0lfGirl
4/18/2011 c10 Icelynne
Yay! A new chapter! Oh how I missed you! lol! If your next chapter is the last one, any hints on a new story? Pretty please lol
4/11/2011 c9 16aecul
Sorry this review is so late! Our internet was down all week.

I really liked the part of this chapter that took place in Rogue's mind. I thought you did a great job with the exchanges between the Professor and Carol and then him and Rogue. I loved getting to see Colossus. He's such a sweetie. The brother-sister bits with Kurt and Rogue were cute too.

Nice job. :)
4/3/2011 c9 4BadW0lfGirl
4/3/2011 c9 Icelynne
Good to have you back:) Thanks for the longer chapter. That was sooo sad but sweet at the same time. Oh to have a man like Remy... anyways lol can't wait for the next chapter!
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