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7/27/2011 c5 3semantics
Wow; I got to say Hugo can totally have a better vocabulary, but then he's a Weasley (haha just kidding)

Anyways I found this funny - he's commiting lust-filled incest with most of his relatives and in the end he falls in love with an Australian girl. I guess his relatives must've imprinted themselves into his pre-puberty mind and that's what messed him up. The only non-relative was that Goyle girl and she was only a replacement for his sister who makes anyone horny (lol). James was more of a bi-curious phase since Hugo became a little crazy - curious about sex and all. His first time was with his cousin and yeah sex is a spur of the moment

kk im done analyzing, I'm getting sleepy

Well the story is enjoyable!
1/14/2011 c2 petercottontail
this is really good! i can't wait for the next update
1/13/2011 c1 56ToManyLetters
Nicely done. That was a difficult pairing and I'd say you pulled it off fairly well. I actually rather liked the way you worked in the prompt - using 'tempest' to describe Rose's rather rocky sexual life.

Can't wait to see more!

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