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for Bella Cullen's Reminiscent Ten Year Reunion

9/16 c23 2Vero Diaz
Yeah, if they are that excited for a boy and all the things they can do, they are most definitely not happy with either gender. Sounds to me like they prefer boys over girls
9/16 c15 Vero Diaz
Course Edward had a tryst on the bleachers, since he was and is a fucking manwhore. Bella deserves better than him
9/16 c6 Vero Diaz
I kinda hate the whole virgin Bella/manwhore Edward
7/11 c23 VryUnique
Awesome story! Thanks for sharing.
I don’t think Jasper should have given Alice their family house.
That didn’t make sense, didn’t Rose own half?
I fell bad for the baby she is having. I feel bad for all the
kids out there with bad parents.
7/11 c22 VryUnique
I have no idea what was happening at the end. What did Alice do?
Did Alice have a video camera?
7/11 c21 VryUnique
Poor Jasper but what an idiot. He should have used a condom. He just believed Alice every time, moron.
7/11 c20 VryUnique
They’re cute.
7/11 c19 VryUnique
Haha! Forks is getting to easy going Edward.
Rose still didn’t say what the conditions were.
7/11 c18 VryUnique
My mother got pregnant and then married at 16, had 3 kids by 20. She still went
back to school, worked hard and made something of herself. Alice just sat on her
ass feeling sorry for herself.
7/11 c17 VryUnique
I think Bella is being unnecessarily mean to Rose. She is the one who abandoned her
best friend after promising she wouldn’t. I think she should remember that, she should
be the one apologizing.
7/11 c16 VryUnique
Jessica Stanley is still a bitch… and crazy! They are all crazy!
And delusional. You married that? Like she can’t see how
gorgeous Bella is.
7/11 c15 VryUnique
Damn! I guess Jasper deserved something like that but it was definitely gross.
It kind of went against gorgeous successful Bella showing everyone how awesome
she turned out. Instead she has another embarrassing scene, just like she used to.
I didn’t like that.
7/10 c14 VryUnique
I was wondering last chapter if she was pregnant after inhaled the orange juice.
Speaking of last chapter… Charlie should have just let Jasper apologize and get
it out of the way, he will run into her eventually. Bella already knows he didn’t set
up the camera so they just should have cleared the air. I doubt he was going to
confess his undying love since they are both married with children.
7/10 c13 VryUnique
I’m feeling kind of sorry for Alice even though she doesn’t deserve it, at all.
She isn’t even a good mother and Jasper doesn’t seem to be any better but
they keep having babies.
7/10 c12 VryUnique
I think it’s good that Edward and Rose spent some time together.
I could see how Bella would blossom away from Forks.
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