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1/6/2020 c1 1Talosine
What a gamer, uploading this challenge fic before completely forgetting about it for the next nine years. Congratu-fucking-lations
9/2/2019 c1 1DragonBox94
Did anybody ever get around to doing this challenge?
2/23/2019 c1 6Wic W. Athor
Hey, I think you should try to post challenges again. It would be a waste just to make one challenge.
5/29/2018 c1 Chakranerd
Yeeeeah I'd happily give this challenge a go but DO YOU KNOW HOW OBSCURE EVERY INFO SOURCE ON THIS POWER IS!?

I mean, Ahem, I've looked it up several times and still can't really rap my head all the way around it and I've pretty much learnt everything there is to know in the Narutoverse about chakra but the Eyes of Death perception are reeeeally shaky on what they actually do. On one hand, you can consider them to be literally the ultimate Broken ability and that's if you ignore one shot capability, Like the description is basically hinting at them being able to "kill" concepts, which when taken another way means the user could technically "kill" the possibility of their own death in the current situation.

Which would be OP until you realize Time continues onwards and you would effectively only be able to "kill" that particular death. So its more like the immediate nullification of whatever negative and/or life threatening effect is occuring.

But at the same time its a very complicated ability even if you're sticking to physical "death" Say, If you interpreted it that same way, you could "kill" a wound you've taken, or someone else has taken, which sounds good in theory as the perfect and instant broken healing tool until you realize that a "wound" replaces a "healthy existence" and that the destruction of that "wound" would not mean the reinstatement of the "healthy existence".

Ultimately meaning instead of healing the wound, you'd just cause the effected area to cease existing, and therefore anything thats afflicted by that wound would also cease. Poof, gone.

Holy fuck this ability is both broken AND headache inducing. I love it, someone explain this power fully.
3/6/2018 c1 Guest
y U dIsS tHe NaRUtO x TsUnADe DoOd?
2/26/2018 c1 JonDaMech
6/9/2017 c1 coyotesteele
If anyone has taken this challenge or knows of a story that tooj this challenge, PLEASE POST THE NANE OF THE STORY!
4/4/2016 c1 LordHalfrican
Has anyone accepted this challenge?
9/2/2014 c1 AvidReader
After your rant against crossovers I almost decided not to reply, but figured why not? :-)

Anyway, as I was alluding to, I actually came across a cross that made use of your 'eyes of death perception.' As you can probably guess, Harry Potter (after gathering the three Deathly Hallows to become 'The Master of Death') crossed to the Naru-verse having just that ability as a result of his MoD role. Not a bad idea, specifically, but the story itself was not terribly engaging otherwise and I stopped reading it soon after. :'-(
4/30/2013 c1 3nights decent
hummmm I like this idea... if I could get over my awful writers block I can also write a decent story oh I need to find a good story to get over my writers block well useually a good story helps
11/20/2012 c1 Guest
How about this for a challange. Tkae the concept of Yet again, but replace the Naruto world with the Harry Potter realms. Think of all the chaos a Harry Potter trained by the Oogakari would cause.

Another idea you could go with is one of those occasions where the Oogakari screw up and get messed up, and as such, we get to laugh. In this case, the pyscos get hit with a spell which traps them in different universes (see crossovers), and prevents them from leaving until the 'plot' has finished. What makes it funny is that the oogakari are trapped in places where they are forced to face something that scares them... regulary.

Such as Scar getting trapped in the sailor moon verse. The inners would drive him mad, he'd probably approve of the outers, and I can just see him kidnapping Hotaru and turning her into his own pet project.

Another would be Ghost in Ranma 1/2. He would train ranma and observe the chaos. But he'd keep suffering from his chinese allergy any time Shampoo pops up with food for Ranma. Yeah, that last part would be a recurring joke. Infact, you could do one of the major arcs, and have ghost's only appearance be a cameo at the end where he FINALLY gets out of the bathroom.
9/22/2012 c1 2Kyo no Kitsune
I understand that you are a NaruHina fan, but i dont understand why? what the hell has she ever done for him? she's a stalker who follows him around, has seen that he was putting on a mask of happiness yet didnt do anything about it, and then finally, he knows next to nothing about her and has absolutely no feelings for her that arent just friendly on the acquaintance level. all in all, she makes no sense as a pairing for him, and they are completely opposite, but not in the opposites attract way. she stalks him, knows almost everything about him, is as meek as an abused kitten when her biggest problem is her dad looking down on her while she does nothing about it, while he doesnt know anything about her, is outgoing, trying to get attention in any way, and had a whole village looking down on him, and while he was emo at nights in his room, he bounced back and was able to try hard every day. there is no bullshiting and twisting this by saying he can help her get confidence, because there was nothing and is nothing between him. NaruHina should never have even existed. she's to naruto what sakura is to sasuke: a lost puppy, except hinata's shy and meek, while sakura is determined and actually quite manly.
9/7/2012 c1 Guest
An interesting story idea, now I've got one for you. An independent, powerful Naruto with the potential for godlike ability.

Basically, The leaf, now ruled by Danzo, betrays Naruto in the aftermath of the 4th Shinobi War. At his public exicution, he and Kurama pull of one last gambit, opening ALL 8 celestial gates. Each gate has had it's chakra balanced with both Natural and Demonic Chakras, the result being a version of Naruto's newest biju mode, but white instead of yellow, and with a golden combination of Demon and Sage mode eyes. Kurama, meanwhile, is constantly healing the damage from all 8 gates, while closing each gate once it is no longer needed to balance out the sage/demon chakras.

From there, Naruto and Kurama escape the village, obliterating everyone who gets in his way, and use there extremly powerful chakra to get as far away from the village as possible. Personally, I see them tearing a whole in reality, and winding up in another reality (crossover of your choice).

The biggest plot twist would be the after affects of their transformation. With all 8 gates opened, Naruto's body would've been breaking down molecule by molecule, with Kurama regenerating him as fast as he broke down. Expose this constantly shifting molecular structure to his Super potent Demon/Sage chakra, and there WILL be side affects (Mutation). At the very least, his hair should turn pure white, and his eyes should be permanently transformed into the golden cross form. Other changes would be your choice (I reccomed makeing his eyes a black w/gold ringed rinnegan, with the golden cross put on top, with a combination of sharingan and rinnegan powers.)

In short, uber powerful, potentially godlike Naruto in Distant lands/New dimension, ready to make his mark on the world.
8/31/2012 c1 12Ethorin
go here...because this forum is AWESOME...and the people are AWESOME...and the mods are AWESOME...and the guy who made it is EDelta88...and if you do not know him go do a search...because his Aki is possibly the only char better then your Naruto from YAWALEH...without being an OC :D, forum/Challenges/51526/
6/18/2012 c1 Vorch
That seems like an awesome story idea wish I could write better than my dog.
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