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7/28/2014 c5 thin man
its a is a good story but you need to git it out more often
8/18/2012 c5 Zerospyro
I don't really have much to say except that I look forward to reading the next chapter.
8/17/2012 c5 19I'll Eat Yourself
At LAST a new update! I find myself wondering what happened! So it wasn't as exciting as I thought it would be, and I also saw plenty of typos, but as far as I can tell, you did a better job than on the previous chapter. I could be wrong though, since i haven't read that chapter in a while. XD So anyway, great job, glad you're back, and if you also like Fullmetal Alchemist, check out the fanfiction I started please, as I could use some feedback on it. So far, nobody has even looked at it as far as I can tell. It's called "Keys" if you're interested. Now, back to this. I like where this is going (well, kinda, was hoping for more romance XD), and I like how Spyro actually had to go through the memories multiple times. That doesn't usually happen in fiction!
7/9/2012 c1 Cluanne Youla
Ugh...this is Youla ft. Cynder...
It seems I forgot my pass, so I decided to re-sign up...
By the way, you're welcome, I read your PM...
7/8/2012 c4 YouLa ft. Cynder
Well, I just logged in 5 minutes before I post this comment.
I done reading all your story, it makes me want to review your story...
As most reader would say, when will you post the next chapter?
Some of your story just pierced through my heart...and I want you to continue...
4/4/2012 c4 Zerospyro
Wow! It's been ages since I've read this story. I'm glad to see that you're still alive and that your story continues. I still like how this story is written and I hope to see more from you soon.
4/1/2012 c4 I'll Eat Yourself
So you AREN'T dead. :D I'm happy you finally updated. Grammar and spelling could use a little bit of work, but otherwise, pretty good job. I like the way this story is going. I especially like the last sentence: "The white dragon had a cruel and terrible grin on its face giving Spyro a chilled and disturbed feeling." Cruel and terrible grin. White dragon. Chilled and disturbed feeling. I always figured a character would seem crueler, scarier, more dangerous, etc. if they normally seemed/looked like a good person. It is stuff like that that makes me think of corruption, the dark side that is in everyone, etc. To put it simply, I LOVE how you worded that sentence. Great job.
11/6/2011 c3 Guest
Really good i love it and eternal love both are good
9/12/2011 c3 Kayce Owatari
Man did I miss you, I'm glad you finally decided to post the next chapter to this one, now let me go read it and give you a proper review.

Carpe Diem To The World.

9/12/2011 c1 Darkdragonty
lol you updated on my birthday :) perfect birthday gift thank you XD
9/12/2011 c3 Zerospyro
I'll admit that I've forgotten about this story but I'm happy to see a new chapter. I'm looking forward to seeing what the new world will look like once Ur's mission is carried out. I have to say that I do enjoy the direction you're taking the story so far, especially regarding the religious undertones that I see in it. I hope you can update soon.
9/11/2011 c3 I'll Eat Yourself
Nice job. I'm glad you finally updated again, and I'll hold you to your word that you'll update again in a week. Read my own story, Lovebirds, when you get the chance, will ya? Just one question though: If they were all complaining that innocents would be killed in the cleansing, then how did they all survive? Why complain if they were given time to escape anyway? Reply to this in a PM, will ya?
8/30/2011 c3 Vladik 12
Хорошая работа.Продолжай в том же духе.Можно было сделать так что Дракон пришол к Спайро попросил стать его учителем. а далее мечтай сам твой расказ не мой.
5/23/2011 c3 10Shadeslayer35
Well I get that life can get in the way sometimes. Good luck in whatever you're up to. and await the next chapter patiently.
3/17/2011 c2 19I'll Eat Yourself
I am once again loving it. The same mood the first story had is now coming back to me after so long. That odd feeling of an old storybook/legend just hangs around this series. And I love it. The original Spyro series doesn't have that, which is another reason I think the Legend trilogy should become the new spyro series. The first game series seemed too much like it was made for a way younger crowd, other than the difficulty of certain things. Also, Spyro was just a normal dragon who could do the same things as any other dragon, not to mention that he was cocky, lazy, looked like he was 16-18 years old, seemed like a mischievous prankster, was always after some other guy with a crappy name and crappy goons, Spyro's friends were all able to do just as good as spyro at their own abilities, Hunter was crappy, Sparx couldn't talk and was more like some pet out of Barbie, the gems just looked way too much like part of a toy set and once all of them were collected there was nothing else to do but roam all over the place for nothing or beat the game, and the list goes on forever. To put it all in a nutshell, the first Spyro series was crappy and was only good for a last resort if I got bored of all my other games. And I have LOT of other games, most of which I have beaten more than once, and still play every once in a while. I don't personally own any spyro games, but my best friend owns quite a few. The new series (the one with the interactive toys) seems like bull, I have only heard about it online, I have yet to see any toys in stores, and Spyro looks more like some freakish looking monster out of LoZ Twilight Princess than the Spyro the Dragon we all know. He has dark spots all over his body that are randomly placed and randomly sized which makes him look diseased. And he looks like he has SKIN! He also seems less dragon-like and more like a snake with legs. In other words, he doesn't seem to have any joints. He looks like some random ugly kid. Also, he is supposed to be just like the first Spyro. If you didn't know what I am talking about, look this up on wikipedia: Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. Then look for the same thing on Google Images to see what spyro looks like. You will want to sue. The Legend series is the Mario Bros. of the Spyro franchise. It provides a reason for Spyro to be the sole hero, it is more for the older crowd in every way, it provides constant fun, the gems are used as power ups and whatnot rather than buying stuff, along with providing a reason to kill all the enemies rather than avoiding them completely, Spyro isn't the average cocky, lazy-butt of a teen that knows everything like the original was, but rather a smart, funny, awesome, and yet confused sort of guy who doesn't seem like a jerk and rather more like a dragon with unknown potential and with some sort of hidden skill, more like a hero I guess, and he seems more willing to help rather than being annoyed at it all, the enemies and their names actually seem mythical rather than seeming like they came from a children's book, Sparx can talk and seems more like the half-idiot best friend than some pet who makes buzzing noises, Spyro's friends are less crappy and average and more mysterious, wise, and skilled than the originals, and there is a legend and sense of foreboding added to the story that make it seem more serious and fitting for a game about a dragon rather than a repetitive thing caused by some idiot on a rampage. If you get the big picture, then good. I hope you agree. ANYWAY, back to the original subject. I love how you continued the Legend of Spyro series even further to the point that your stories could become canon if discovered by nintendo (it's happened with manga before!). I will give this story a 9/10 for a lack of long chapters, and a slight spelling problem. Last thing: in the final line of Chapter 2, it says "claimed", rather than "calmed". You might want to fix this, because it didn't just misspell a word, it changed the meaning as well. I hope you will update soon, because I will be waiting in anticipation for your next chapter.
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