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3/17/2011 c2 4The Dragon Knight

short for one of yer chaps.

But THANK YOU MAN. ive been waiting fer this for almost 2 months.
3/17/2011 c2 10Shadeslayer35
Those two just can't catch a break can they? He always ends up in the front lines of the battles. And everytime that happens Cynder's afraid she'll lose him.
2/24/2011 c1 19I'll Eat Yourself
I love it. I also love the fact that you made a SEQUEL to one of the greatest Spyro fanfics I have ever read. This is sure to be a good one. However, I did notice a few spelling errors in this chapter, and I probably wouldn't mind being a beta reader for you since i am usually pretty darn good when it comes to spotting spelling errors. Im almost as good with grammar, but sometimes grammar confuses me, although that's usually when it would confuse anybody. I am a junior in High School, and I have read MANY popular books in the past few years, and am currently reading Catching Fire, the sequel to The Hunger Games (which I read within about a week, although since i didn't read it much for the first few days, it was more like three days rather than a week). ANYWAY, I hope you can satisfy my wants for an unfinished story that is updated at least once a month, since I have yet to find one like that. I have started losing interest in Fanfiction as a result, due to lack of any other good stories that pike my interest. I only read the best of the best, so if I am liking your stories, you KNOW it is great. I just have one more suggestion: Shadedulath is even annoying to READ, not counting how annoying it is to SAY. Would you mind shortening his name to Shade, except when you absolutely MUST use his full name to keep the story good? By that, I mean start calling him Shade, only using his full name when introducing himself or in other similar situations. Other than that, this story is pretty good so far. PLEASE consider the Beat Reader option. I need a new worthwhile passtime besides video games and old-fashioned or uninteresting books I am nagged into reading. In other words I need a passtime that I WON'T get yelled at or annoyed with as a result of doing it too much. Like i said I'm still in High School, so I may end up busy at times, but i will usually finish reading a chapter of a story, even if it's a very long chapter, within a week. Count on fewer spelling errors than ever before!
2/17/2011 c1 dragon rider
very good story i well read this for weeks to come
1/28/2011 c1 PurpleDragon614
Really nice beginning to what I'm sure will be a fantastic story. Keep it up! I've been looking forward to this.
1/17/2011 c1 Darkwing
Dude...you finallly did it. Eternal love inspired to spyro fics. Thums up!
1/15/2011 c1 1DaNG 95 x
very good opening! I know im gonna enjoy this
1/14/2011 c1 Kayce Owatari
Yes, i knew you wouldnt let us down,

i cant wait to see what u come up with for this story,

so far its gotten me wondering whats going to happen.

Anyway, its good to hear from u again,

and as always, keep up the good work.

1/14/2011 c1 4The Dragon Knight
so far so good you got me hooked.
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