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for Drosselmeyer's Return

5/1/2011 c8 2SaradocCraver101
I love it and please update as soon as you can. ^_^
4/21/2011 c8 15Breeluv
now i have to know whats next
4/21/2011 c8 James Birdsong
Good job. Maybe Emiri-Chu, shippofan2k, and smartgal97 are correct
4/20/2011 c8 7UchihaSakuraWrites
Yay! Great chapter! Poor Rue... Now she's like Mytho was at the start of the series! :( The little scene at the end with Ahiru, Uzura, and Fakir was sooo cute! IS she remembering her old life, even just a little bit? Can't wait for the next update!

Ja ne!
4/20/2011 c8 8Emiri-Chu
Drosselmeyer, you jerk...

Poor Mytho doesn't realize Rue is missing her heart. :(

and Ahiru is still mostly in another existence... ACK, could this possibly go any further downhill? But I do like the way you describe Rue's heart. :D
4/20/2011 c8 2shippofan2k
Another GREAT CHAPTER! :D you did a great job! keep up the good work! :)
3/20/2011 c7 2wizardtail101
What? No! Don't do it Rue-chan!
3/3/2011 c7 James Birdsong
Oh incredible. Amazing. Good chapters six and seven
3/2/2011 c7 8Emiri-Chu
homina-homina-homina woah! Does this mean that Mytho's gonna have to go on some epic quest to restore Rue's heart? THAT WOULD BE AWESOME! Patiently awaiting your next update! :D
3/2/2011 c7 1etelai

I hate cliffhangers. Can you tell?
3/2/2011 c7 7UchihaSakuraWrites
O.O R-Rue... H-holy crap... Does she mean it? What about Mytho?

Hehe... This was a great chappy! I loved it! the ending, however, was quite shocking! HOpe the next update comes soon! Ta-ta!
2/12/2011 c6 1Emerald-Cherry-Hime
Awww... Poor Fakir... .

And what is up with Uzura...? Lovey Dovey? XD

This chapter was wonderful! Dramatic with a hint of humor at the end! ^_^
2/12/2011 c5 Emerald-Cherry-Hime
No! Ahiru, you have to remember them! T^T

She's changed completely... She must remember, she must! (...^_^")

Anyways... Great chapter!
2/12/2011 c4 Emerald-Cherry-Hime
Oh no! Ahiru forgot her memory! *_*

Great chapter! And you are really good at writing Drosselmeyer's lines... Maybe a little to good at it... O.O (JK! .)
2/1/2011 c6 7UchihaSakuraWrites
I loved it! Uzura is sooo cute! I really hope "Carlotta" gets her memories back soon and stops yelling at Fakir! How can she do that? MEGA excited for the next chappy!
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