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4/29/2012 c1 17SaikohBellaL
Daww! That was cute!
6/10/2011 c1 34Scraggles
Heh, funny. I like Tonks' taste in art lol.
5/7/2011 c1 crazedreader
This is rather..interesting :)
5/5/2011 c1 6MyPatronus
This is a truly charming ficlet. :) You did a fantastic job with it, particularly considering the prompts you had (patronus, balance, and sculpture leave me at a blank).

I particularly like your characterization of Tonk's finding a new calling every month or so: "Hermione rolled her eyes. Tonks had a new "calling" about once a month. Their apartment was filled with paintbrushes, books on novel-writing, half-finished chemistry experiments, and other remnants of Tonks's obsessions". In my personal cannon, Tonks isn't happy as an auror; she's more of a creative mind than a physical fighter, so I really appreciated that.

Thanks for sharing this! I'd love to see you take this further and turn it into another, longer fic. :)

Happy writing!
2/2/2011 c1 aaaaaaaaamfjghjfj
LOL That was cute. :D
1/15/2011 c1 gecko brothers
Very cute fic.

It was short and sweet. I loved it. It was a creative way to use the prompts.

It was a bit silly (in a good way). All I ever read is angst to this was a nice change.

Thank you for taking up my challenge. You did great!


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