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11/26/2017 c12 8leahk80
Nicely done!
1/20/2017 c12 Elise Deschat
Loved the story...particularly the cross-over interaction between Gibbs and Danny
11/26/2015 c12 macberly
Another awesome story! And I am secretly enjoying the Danny owies! He is just too adorable! Thank you!
7/5/2015 c4 Guest
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6/3/2015 c12 Charlsie
So, in case you'll ever read this: Good job! I thought that the story was really refreshing and you are just hilarious! I did think that Steve and Danny were a bit out of character, though. But maybe that's just me, as I like McGarrett better. Well done (:
6/3/2015 c3 Charlsie
Okay, I haven't even finished this chapter and I just need to congratulate you on it! I know it's been a few years since you wrote this, but, oh my! It's just hilarious! I couldn't help laughing and really, this is just the funniest H5-0 story I've ever read! Probably the best out there. I love everything about it, the alphabet soup and their playing bingo. Hilarious! Thank you so much for sharing this with us.
5/16/2015 c12 Skimball4
Since I like both shows it was really fun to read a story with NCIS and Hawaii Five-O. I laughed quite a few times but was kind of creeped out by the profiling thing with Danny. Fun read!
5/16/2015 c11 Skimball4
Loved the brain fart comment!
5/3/2015 c1 Guest
This was a really amazing story! I love how you weaved all the characters together and how the scenes flowed so well! Included the NCIS gang, love that! It was great to have Danny meet up with people he used to know before coming to Hawaii and getting some background.
3/25/2015 c12 6jada951
great story w/ team combos!
3/25/2015 c9 jada951
glad Jethro could see the damage being done!
3/25/2015 c5 jada951
Ziva and Tony too?
kind of creepy profiling, but it seems to work.
2/20/2015 c12 Long Live BRUCAS
O I loved this one too. And having the NCIS team there and all of them becoming friends. This was a great story/team bonding making new friends.
2/20/2015 c12 Guest
Oh, that was just the absolutely bestest story ever! LOL! I have been happily iced in all week, eating warm soup and reading five 0 fanfiction. Got caught up on all the recent stories and began searching for old stories to reread. Don't think I have ever read this one before. Anyway, it has proved to be a most enjoyable evening. So loved the way the team is there for one another and shores each other up. Love the way they interacted with each other as well as the others at the conference-especially the NCIS team. That was just a great story that brought me much pleasure. Exactly the kind of read I was hungry for. Thank you for a wonderful story that is still being enjoyed some five yrs or so after you wrote it.
3/19/2014 c12 3fierynightangel
lmao! awesome couple of stories!
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