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11/26/2017 c7 Guest
Please make more I love this story so much it's so great just please make more great work
9/30/2011 c7 Kasandra Scarlett
this is pretty good =)
6/6/2011 c7 Djomar
Whaaat?Sasuke is dating Sakura?no no no!Why?Why?Why?Hinata already has a thing for Gaara and now he's dating Sakura...I guess Gaara it is then...story is still great,I'm just a little bit frustrated since I'm huge SasuHina fan,and absolutely hate to see Sasuke with anybody else,especially Sakura
6/6/2011 c6 Djomar
Oh thank God,she didn't forget about Sasuke.I was afraid after that interaction with Gaara.My favouritism is obvious,but I can't help it!
6/6/2011 c5 Djomar
Great chapter.So there is hope that she likes Sasuke as well.But she's so dense :)
6/6/2011 c4 Djomar
Yay Sasuke!she doesn't like him,she likes Gaara.I hope that will change
6/6/2011 c3 Djomar
Sasuke right?what's happening with Hinata and Gaara?
6/6/2011 c2 Djomar
She likes Gaara hm?
6/6/2011 c1 Djomar
I like it!I love SasuHina,so hopefuly they will end up together :)
6/1/2011 c7 5NeitherSaneNorInsane
Oh my cfriggin shite you idiot sakura. I hope she bashes jer head in or have SOMEONE to do it for her. Ewwwwwww sakura kissed sasuke. You better do something with that like have sasuke throw her off bwahahahahaha

Update soon
4/12/2011 c7 Little-ray-of-Friggin-Sunshine
she should grab her arm and flip her all ninja like -N3Mo
3/2/2011 c6 7crimsonkira
neat chappie! hinata sure is indecisive o.o
3/1/2011 c6 Lucy Ash Hawthorne
love it!
2/20/2011 c5 Krystiiie
This is awesome so far and i love gaahina and sasuhina as well ! Please update soon :)
2/19/2011 c5 3dimkasgirl07
great update loved it :D canjt wait for more yummy sasuke and gaara :P Lol
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