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10/16/2013 c2 1N.I.Bxxx
i love your ravenclaw story and so read this, and if you have time you should definitely keep going :)
3/29/2011 c2 FinnFiona
Awww poor Wayne and Megan! And poor Susan too :( they're all so cute with their pining and worrying, I do hope it works out for them all. I do enjoy seeing the parallels between all of their thoughts on this occasion. And I had to laugh at Ernie's internal dialogue-I'm glad you didn't take away all of the pompous self-assurance, but still grounded him a bit. Lovely job!
2/6/2011 c2 restinpace
Oho! Romance issues! I see each couple has different issues. Yeah, you've jumped rather drastically, but whatever.

Please excuse my spontaneous Slughorn imitation!
2/5/2011 c2 4SunshineWitch91
Great story. I love it. Please continue I want to see what else will happen.
2/5/2011 c2 4so-imperfect-its-perfect
Where is zacharias smith? Or rose zeller? Or Eloise midgen?
2/2/2011 c1 141010'jin
OMG HUFFLEPUFF STORY. I think Hufflepuffs are pretty chill and so I am beyond excited about this. The development of their relationships and whatnot. I also like the set-up of the scenes.
2/2/2011 c1 WriterInTraining713
I really like this story! I wish there could have been less of a stretch between chapters, the jump from first to fourth, and thought it would be nice if you had told it the way you told Padma's story: from year to year. But I see why you didn't do that, and I like how you take the minor characters in the Harry Potter series and give them life and make them likeable. Nice job!
1/30/2011 c2 598yellow 14
Ah teenagers in love, so very clueless;D A perfect antidote to the Carrows. Keep updating
1/30/2011 c2 9melissaeverlasting
Sorry I didn't review earlier! I'd forgotten about it, but just read both chapters and I think this story is great! I really admire the way you write little-known characters, it seems to just fit right into the books. I guess falling in love with your best friend is more common than we'd thought. :) Keep it up!
1/30/2011 c1 restinpace
Oh! A Hufflepuff story! I am very excited! But why did you make the Hufflepuffs, who are the ones KNOWN for loyalty, the house with divisions?
1/30/2011 c2 Jess.91
Aw. I actually had no interest at all in Megan and Wayne from the brief mentions last chapter, but I now have an interest, and feel sorry for the two of them. I'm curious to how that'll go. And I feel sorry for Susan, too, though I've never really cared overmuch about her one way or another, never taken much interest in her. Hannah and Ernie's bits were sweet, there's a kind of innocence there which is nice.
1/29/2011 c1 Arcticmist
This is pretty good keep going
1/26/2011 c1 FinnFiona
This is such fun! You've really set the stage well, and without having to go into anything overmuch. That little bit about the other ones in their year was a poignant touch as well. And I quite enjoyed susan's thoughts on Justin.

You've done such a lovely job of bringing the ravenclaws to life, I have no doubt you'll do a bang-up job with these as well. Don't keep us hanging! :)
1/24/2011 c1 5Crystalwhisper
Well, nice story, I really loved it. And the fact that the Hufflepuffs made friends so easily. I’m a Hufflepuff so YAY! to all friendly puffs reading this story. Do continue the story. I’m looking forward to the building of romance and stuff later on, and what about a little bit of challenge (OWLs) to spice up their school life? Nice story, very cute.

And (sorry if this is insulting) maybe you need a beta. ;3


1/18/2011 c1 159LovingYouAtFirstSight
That was really great. I love good old Hufflepuffs. I really can't wait to read more. I see a bit of romance blossoming :P
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