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3/30/2011 c4 Redmoon2
thank you for the story and also lets all pray that japan will get better :)
3/30/2011 c4 EndGame666
good chapter, and it was a curve ball you through us for with naruto/inazuma(although i think that is cheating with that end AN you used last chapter lol). since you put a "?" im ansering it, shukaku was the ichibi's name. if you want the traslation for the speciese, i have often read it as tanuki(Ichibi no Tanuki) glad to see you got your beta
3/30/2011 c4 5Please Read my stuff
3/30/2011 c4 12Wyrtha
Very interesting chapter. I don't see how these people expect Naruto to come back to a village that is still celebrating his death.

As for the Harem in a story like this he shouldn't even consider Konoha girls. So my vote goes for FemHaku as she's just to perfect for Naruto, Koyuki she's a famous actress who travels around and drinks ... easy to setup with or without the mission to Snow, and Karui just because he could use a tough chick in the group.

As for the summons Dragons all the way I mean you could always make the Hydras part of the Dragon contract and even if you don't the Dragons can be made elementalists so Water,Wind, Lightening, Fire, Ice, Dark, Light, etc. Dragons come into play where as Hydras lock you into one or two things.

Anyway I look forward to the next chapter and what I presume to be Naruto's arrival.
3/30/2011 c4 KingOfTheIceLord
The Raikage's name is A
3/30/2011 c4 ShadowCub
Why in the hell are Minato and Kushina helping the village after their son was raped and almost murdered. This is one thing that I will never understand where he is stupid enough to forgive.

Its always for some dumb reason. He's doing paperwork instead of finding his son. Why would he come back for some crazy reason.

Too many people in the harem, it sounds good if you are a guy but in reality it makes no sense.

Why do they expect Naruto to want to come back to the village?
3/30/2011 c4 4Zaralann
Nice story! Post more!
3/30/2011 c4 2Shihouin Shunshin
NOOO Keep Hinata out of the pairing! Not only has she not..err..pursued her canon interests, Naruto stalking, nor would she especially know him because of his abrupt Death/Departure from Konoha. Plenty of scrubs will ask (Read:Demand) ask for Hinata, but thats because they have little to no imagination.

People say you cant have too much of a good thing...But from my experience, if that Good thing isnt really all that good, it quickly becomes Stale and boring.

Now...about the Chapter! A few spelling mistakes, e.g. Konon instead of Konan, femHoku instead of femHaku, though i wont go over every little mistake, everyone makes them.
3/29/2011 c4 guy
cant wait for more
3/29/2011 c4 7Twin Silver Dragon
good fic, can't wait for more. I vote dragons, and for harem... Hana, Anko, Yugao, Fu, Mikoto
3/29/2011 c4 psyoran
cool story i hope inuzuma don't end up being naruto in disquise
3/29/2011 c2 4Terranorth
Whoa, whoa, slow down there, why do you have 10 plus girls lined up here. Don't you find that a tad excessive. 3-5 I could understand, but any higher and you sir are traveling into the realm of smut/comedy. So I would suggest you choose a select FEW women and focus on them instead of shoving every named female into his bed.

I know I'm ranting a bit, but I get tired of authors who keep adding to the harem instead of focusing on what they already have.
3/29/2011 c4 tcr12
You fooled me good with that storm guy. I also like the harem so far. Idk if you should add anyone from konoha because they really have no reason to hate konoha except for maybe anko if you write her up that way. Please no HINATA. Theres is no reason for her to be in it. She stalks him and yet can help him when he nears death.

Also please dont have naruto join in this war. Dont have him be a konoha ninja or a merenary ninja for konoha. If you do your basically making naruto konoha bitch even if you dont want to thats what it well feel like. Konoha is his past. Very dark past. Something that should be long forgotten. Hes going to have a new family, and more appealing life outside of konoha. Minato and kushina being alive means nothing. Naruto is a 16 year ninja who has faced the hardships of a ninja life sincce he was born. What does a 16 year ninja need from two people who call themselves his parents. For one he never met them, another they sacrificed his life being to naive. They trusted the wrong people for his life.

Screw Jiraya

Screw Tsuande

Screw Minato

Screw Kushina

3/29/2011 c4 Volos
You got me. I thought that was who naruto was. Im guessing that Akane is femkyuubi. But if that true then why isnt she with naruto and with this guy. Im actually hoping you dont make naruto the goody twoshoes lap dog of konoha like so many other authors do when they right this tyoe of story of naruto leaving. As for the harem i like the current harem but can you add kurenai,yuugao,mikoto (nice kick to sasuke balls, and kushina face), maybe anko (she seems like a lapdog of konoha right now so idk, koyuki you could always make it where her guradian because king i never read that.

As for the rest not really a fan please no hinata, shes stalks him and yet doesnt help him because of her shyness. Please what a lame excuse.

Once again please dont make naruto lapdog. And i dont mean just you making him join konoha again but making him a merhant ninja and fighting for konoha when he has every right to let it burn to the ground crying parents be damned
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