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10/9/2011 c13 15Nonnie88





Loved the ending! :)!
10/9/2011 c12 Nonnie88
bloody hell!

Thought Jackie was gonna be right in for it...

Lucky that Robbie had a 'gut feeling' of sorts!

AND LOL.. "Maryhill's Serial Shagger." I just died laughing! holy heck!
10/3/2011 c12 162FreekyDisaster18
Oh boy... It was so not how they wanted him to find out! Haha. Awesome writing and yay to white knight!Robbie :)
9/20/2011 c11 39basketcase1880
Great chapter. Despite the length in wait you haven't lost your flow with this story. Can't wait to see what happens next.

Laura xx.
6/11/2011 c10 basketcase1880
Great chapter loved the sweet moments between Jackie and Robbie.

Laura xx.
5/29/2011 c9 15Nonnie88
Oh crapola!

I see the shit about to completely hit the fan now! LOL
5/29/2011 c9 39basketcase1880
Great chapter.

Laura xx.
5/28/2011 c7 61RhondaStar
Ha! I never even knew you could put a condom on with your mouth!
5/25/2011 c8 15Nonnie88

Me thinks Michael is about to kick some ass! HAHA!
5/25/2011 c7 Nonnie88

You need to scrape me from the ceiling now.. :o!


That was hot hot hot! :)!
5/25/2011 c8 39basketcase1880
Great chapter. Loved the massage bit, so romantically erotic.

Yeah, I've got one story. I'm going to post it later, it's still on my iPod and it has been for months. I've actually neglected it because I have ventured into the NCIS fandom and I've been working on a story for it and I've been busy with election stuff and exams and church stuff and finding a job.

Laura xx.
5/24/2011 c7 basketcase1880
Great chapter. I loved how they finally got together.

Laura xx.
5/23/2011 c7 162FreekyDisaster18
Ah flirty/pervy!Robbie is my favourite. I love this story and I can't wait for more :)
5/23/2011 c6 39basketcase1880
Great chapter. Loved it.

Laura xx.
5/21/2011 c5 basketcase1880
Great chapter. Loved Robbie's last line.

Laura xx.
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