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for Strange Love: The 2011 Collection

4/4/2011 c21 10StarLily1Dfan
What a bizarrely unexpected pairing, the whole concept made me laugh! A modelling shoot at a chocolate factory... how strange and unlikely and perfect for this story. Someone as tightly wounded as Cindy would surely give in to chocolate temptations. It was fun to see Sebastian rebuff her endorphin-fuelled advances for as long as he could. The ending struck the right realistic note - a wild encounter that doesn't necessarily lead to more. Hilarious overall! :)
4/4/2011 c20 StarLily1Dfan
Now this is a couple I could actually see together: two young, artistic people with loads of talent each. Talent camp is the perfect place for them to meet, and as we all know, summer is a time for romance :) With Sergei a rising star, it's completely believable that he would have opportunities to pursue that would get in the way of dating. And as a teenage buy, he wouldn't have easily been able to explain himself. I liked see Max show the maturity to forgive him and move on with her own future. The reference to her being in a music video was cute :)
3/27/2011 c21 117SilverTurtle
I really liked this. It was completely ridiculous but also quite fun. Sebastian still creeps me out, but his experimental chocolates getting Cindy to loosen up was a unique and entertaining way to get these two together. Loved the inclusion of Bailey/Jessica and Dungeons & Gargoyles. Fun times. Good story to finish the collection on.
3/27/2011 c21 34Snapplelinz
Lmao, this was f@*$%&# brilliant, Lody! I was laughing my head off from beginning to end, this is a masterpiece :D My favourite joke was Cindy calling Sebastian the demented love-child of Willy Wonka and Roberto Benigni (God, I love 'Life Is Beautiful'). I should've guessed that Cindy would eat some of Sebastian's experimental chocolate, too funny for words when he was trying to coax her out of the chocolate vat. You really do have a knack for making food sexy, along with sex in a chocolate vat to top it off ;D Lol, of course Sebastian is gay, and Cindy turned him bi. I cottoned onto Bailey being Jessica's girlfriend before the A/N; I'm totally cool with that being canon in yours and ST's universe :D Fantastic oneshot, so great to see you end off this collection with a bang, just awesome. I might have to go re-read 'Two Brothers and a Pop Tart' after this, major props :D
3/27/2011 c20 Snapplelinz
Great story, WH. Such an unexpected pairing, but you have Max and Sergei such an amazing and realistic back-story that worked perfectly to explain how they became a romantic couple. It's funny how it started off as mutual dislike and turned into something comfortable and deeper over time, as the present-day part of the story shows. The kiss was done fantastically - it showed a lot of great tension, uncertainty, angst and passion all at once, just breathtaking :D It made me so sad to see Max so brokenhearted at having to give Sergei up. Ultimately, both of them did the right thing and are both likely to make great successes of their lives. But it always saddens me to think that you can only seem to have one and not both, success and true love. Maybe they can find each other again in the future when they both have the success they want out of life. Brilliant story, major props.
3/27/2011 c19 Snapplelinz
Hee hee, for a minute, I thought the snooty rich girl entering the Waverly Sub Station was London ;D I'm really glad that Justin took a shot and asked Valentina out, even though he had a bet with Alex riding on it. Very cool that Valentina decided to give Justin a shot. Great characterisation throughout, you should totally write Wizards fics. Major props.
3/27/2011 c21 25Boris Yeltsin
Great ending.

Looking forward to another colab story from all of you soon.
3/26/2011 c20 34Lodylodylody
Wasn't this supposed to be for last year's collection? :P

Sad stuff. Had some typo problems again...but the summer camp setting was a good choice.

And Max should be in more videos. :P
3/26/2011 c20 117SilverTurtle
That was an interesting way to get these two together. Start with the heartbreak and end with a balm. Summer camp was a good way to get them to meet and, according to some movies, the perfect isolated environment for them to fall in love. I don't know where that line about hate came from, as it was clear that neither of them hated each other and that they parted on amicable terms, so I felt it didn't really fit. But otherwise it was a pretty good story. Nice job.
3/25/2011 c20 25Boris Yeltsin
Keep up the good work.
3/24/2011 c19 10StarLily1Dfan
Yet another would-never-cross-your-mind-in-a-million-years couple... but at the same time, Valentina is just the type to find herself a boy toy. As a wizard and a cutie, Justin would make a good catch as a boy toy (at least for a while :) Fun banter between Justin and Alex. I haven't watched WOWP in ages, but now I feel nostalgic for Justin/Alex bickering...
3/24/2011 c19 34Lodylodylody
Heh he! Justin's geeky charms conquer even Valentina. Very fun. I figure she's got just one thing on her mind for her to agree to a date with one of the common people.

I'd love to see a short follow up where Val comes back to the shop for a second date...Alex says hello to her...and Val gives her the classic: "Do I knnnnoooooowwww you?" line. :P
3/24/2011 c19 25Boris Yeltsin
Nice crossover idea.

LOL on the dialogue between Justin and Alex.
3/23/2011 c18 10StarLily1Dfan
Well, that was different... at first I thought Jeff and Muriel were your pairing (provided Jeff was 18) and if that had been the case, this would be a clever way to bring them together. As depressing as Jeff's situation is, it doesn't seem that unlikely in a long distance relationship, particularly with one partner already in college, and it was handy that Muriel was around to give him some grown-up advice. Love that she was waiting for someone in the laundry room! :) At the end, I liked that he was thinking of Mary-Margaret as a friend first since he's undeniably on the rebound. But after a serious hurt, a friend can be the best candidate for a new love.
3/23/2011 c17 StarLily1Dfan
Nice job with showing Millicent's and Marcus's characters. They're another pairing that would never come to mind, and yet here a relationship between becomes a possibility. Being an easy-going guy, Marcus is the just the type to help Millicent break out of her shell and once she's comfortable with someone, she's probably quite sweet and normal. The guy banter between Zack and Marcus was cute :)
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