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8/12/2012 c1 faberryluving
oh.. fuck.
7/7/2012 c1 TheCdKnight
Was it THE colt? But why would she shoot herself with the colt if she wasn't a demon or anything? (Supernatural reference if you didn't know)
2/4/2012 c1 2cat50492
This is freaking awesome. Well not happy awesome, but really sad awesome. You should do a second chapter from Quinn's POV.
12/12/2011 c1 wsupAnonnymous
holy FCKING damn.
11/13/2011 c1 11TrustInFaith
I really loved it. Almost cried when I read it but had to keep from crying cause I was in the public library.
9/27/2011 c1 2rocketninjaslap
Holy fuck.
6/16/2011 c1 7gayassgrandpa
that's so sad. so so very sad.it sounds like what i almost did. my girlfriend dumped me saying i was an experiment and it broke me i almost did that. i am covered in scars now. i never went through with suicide though. my friend found me standing there and stopped me. it brings back memories
5/31/2011 c1 13Ragged-Writer
Id like to see you continue this. Maybe with a chapter from Quinn or even Puck pov would be really interesting. I honestly would like to think someone would notice but unless the person is too far gone into the addiction or slips up, cutting and depression can go un caught until it's too late. Again as with your other stuff I've reviewed I love it :)
4/27/2011 c1 11Carousel of Dreams
oh hey, lovely beta!

this is so angsty and sad and so good. I'm honestly really moved by this (almost crying right now).

Even if I don't want it to, it could unfortunately happen ;~;

great job !
4/11/2011 c1 19aelishe
this is really good, very very sad, i think that you should do another chapter showing the guilt of the glee members and maybe Quinn after what she did to Rachel just an idea of course, but it was great well done :)
3/18/2011 c1 2Coveritupsmiling
that was so sad :( but so good :). please do another one with quinn's p.o.v?
3/14/2011 c1 3ishallcallhimsquishy
this was great :)i know you wrote this like a long time ago, but i still think you should write a follow up about how quinn feels, please? haha anyways, awesome job :)
1/26/2011 c1 marissavongorgeous
;( i hate to admit that this could easily happen in glee;( please write a follow up chapter;(
1/18/2011 c1 34lostsunsets
i would LOVE to see Quinn's pov. Why she wanted to hurt Rachel like that. Please write a sequal to this.

I personally feel for Rachel. I understand the feeling of lonliness that she felt. I still do... You hit it spot on, and i seriously had tears in my eyes. Good job!

Love, Chelsea
1/18/2011 c1 2Equinox20
Oh no :'( soo sad, please let there be a 2nd chapter and 3rd,4th... Lol I want to know the fallout of this...
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