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for Harry Potter and the Bride Wars

1/14 c10 Guest
Please update soon
9/29/2020 c10 EmpressErena
this was marvelous... Bravo, please dont end here
9/7/2020 c10 1chaoswizard
Keep it coming plz it is good
8/25/2020 c1 41miguel.puentedejesus
Un Fantástico Comienzo!
Me Encanto!
7/29/2020 c10 Guest
Good story please update soon
6/29/2020 c10 Guest
I damn you to Hell I love your story it is so good, and you have a truly great story. But I damn you to Hell for not writing anything on this story for two freaking years, for the love of God , please write more on this story line. And as always thank you for writing.
6/10/2020 c10 WLloyd16
OMG! I LOVE your story! It is SOOO funny! I can't wait until you update so I can read more! lol Awesome story!
2/29/2020 c10 deathwearsblack
Please update.
1/10/2020 c2 E1adar
Is it a bad thing that I have played FFX so bloody much that I was translating in my head as I went along
1/5/2020 c10 1Priest
This is a rather interesting story, and I would like to see more sometime in the future. I really enjoyed several of the omake portions of the story and they should probably be part of the main story. Overall I find the studio both funny and serious depending on which portion you're going through story again please continue it sometime soon.
12/10/2019 c10 Vanadir
Thank you for a great story
10/20/2019 c8 9SoulNightshade
holy hell, I love this Hedwig
10/20/2019 c4 SoulNightshade
Goddesses bless Hedwig
9/28/2019 c10 Lukkai
I have a bit of a problem with the start of this chapter, I've got to admit. Given the sheer numbers in money involved here, the amount of scrutiny that those accounts stolen from currently are by a rather lot of goblins and the fact that Malfoy already was under close investigation to find anything that might be used against him, there simply is no thinkable way how this embezzlement would have gone unnoticed for more than a day or two. And since the only way to make that money truly vanish from Gringott's accounting would be to physically take it out of the bank and carry it away - which with the numbers involved is simply unfeasible for one and any attempt at doing so would have raised all kinds of warning flags as well - all of it would still be traceable (and retrievable) by any higher level accountant putting his back into it. With the only logical conclusion to it, as far as Lucius is concerned, that the Malfoy wealth would be long dead and gone by the time of the first tournament task. And potentially Malfoy himself as well.

To be short: At the stolen amount mentioned, that whole plan simply would not work and instead result in the utter and complete ruin of everyone involved.
9/6/2019 c10 1Relentless Dragon
why is it all the good books get left unfinished
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