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9/28/2019 c10 Lukkai
I have a bit of a problem with the start of this chapter, I've got to admit. Given the sheer numbers in money involved here, the amount of scrutiny that those accounts stolen from currently are by a rather lot of goblins and the fact that Malfoy already was under close investigation to find anything that might be used against him, there simply is no thinkable way how this embezzlement would have gone unnoticed for more than a day or two. And since the only way to make that money truly vanish from Gringott's accounting would be to physically take it out of the bank and carry it away - which with the numbers involved is simply unfeasible for one and any attempt at doing so would have raised all kinds of warning flags as well - all of it would still be traceable (and retrievable) by any higher level accountant putting his back into it. With the only logical conclusion to it, as far as Lucius is concerned, that the Malfoy wealth would be long dead and gone by the time of the first tournament task. And potentially Malfoy himself as well.

To be short: At the stolen amount mentioned, that whole plan simply would not work and instead result in the utter and complete ruin of everyone involved.
9/6/2019 c10 1Relentless Dragon
why is it all the good books get left unfinished
8/17/2019 c8 babiluv22
Wish there was more
7/28/2019 c1 Um the Muse
Oh man. My first thought when I read your version of Gobbledygook was that it l looked liked Albhed. Good times! I'm enjoying your sense of humor and the way you treat the characters fairly (especially Hermione). I see that this story is only ten chapters so far. I hope that it's still active
7/12/2019 c4 jmsdragn
Well this is interesting you have got to stop putting Authors notes in the middle of the chapter, it ruins the flow of the story.
7/10/2019 c10 Guest
That you for a wonderful story. The character for the pets were hilarious. You might want to read “Hedwig slightly unhinged” for a great Hedwig. Yours somewhat reminds me of her there, yours was much tamer.
5/11/2019 c10 Lauren Saint
Love this story! Really enjoying the plot and the omakes are fun to read, although I think solider elves need to be a thing!
Looking forward to seeing dear old Lucy being caught by Harry, and what is going on with Snape?
Also poor Harry... Just can't catch a break...
4/28/2019 c10 Bronze
MORE PLEASE! Also if it pleases, more omakes like that last one. It damn near had me on the floor in fits of laughter. Trying to type while suppressing my laughter is not easy! One little thing I need to say here. With the level of insanity of this Harry Potter's life, he'll adjust to the dragon's fighting style and beat it or just beat it with some insanity. Which he did by turning it into a beautiful young lady. Now the question is will Fumblemort ever stop asking how he did it? Another just occurred to me though. Will she ever be able to turn back? As well as, did Harry just add a dragon in human form to his harem? May I suggest an omake to you? Harry trying to explain to the idiots run this farce as well as the ministry exactly how he turned a dragon into a girl? That should be good for a few laughs. What with Fudge having less active brain cells then a brain dead gerbil, it should be fun. Poor ol' Voldie will be torturing Peter and possibly even Barty over how Potter pulled it off.
4/25/2019 c10 1Dark Angel Version 4.0
This is by far one of the FUNNIEST stories I have read in awhile. I laughed so much while I was reading this, I damn near passed out. This SERIOUSLY needs to be continued. Please give me more of this insanity.
4/23/2019 c9 Bronze
Yes! I've heard the song and also enjoy it. Though I've never heard that last part before.
4/23/2019 c8 Bronze
Was Blaise's father already drunk when he asked if Blaise somehow misplaces the cock and balls he/she was born with? As far as I know it's simply not possible to misplace a part of your body without being aware of it. Of course I will give you it could be possible when completely shitfaced drunk. In a case like that it's quite easy to loose something. Up to and including your life. I heard a story about to soldiers who got drunk and decided to play chicken with jeeps. Neither one lived to say who won. As to Hedwig giving Harry and MoooRon the TALK, I only ask one thing. Just how did MoooRon understand her? I know Harry does but then Harry is an unusually powerful wizard and spent more time than he normally would alone with only her to talk to. Now I know it doesn't say it in the summary but this is beginning to read like a crack fic and I'm loving it! The barroom scene almost had me falling out of my chair laughing!
4/21/2019 c10 monkiepawn
Ooookay, Malfoy could somewhat touch the Black account thanks to his connection to Narcissa, but 75%!
That would have woken ALL kind of alarms, like more than half of the money transfering doesnt look suspicious, and if it was made by small and multiple accounts, then the alarms would go about an account losing more than half of its money!
And how the hell could he touch the Lupins? he has no connections there, if he could just steal from it, why not also... I dont know, maybe everyone!?

You just made the goblins the dumber bankers in any Potter fanfic XD
4/18/2019 c10 BorderLand
House elf as soldiers? God have mercy of the opposing army.
4/18/2019 c8 BorderLand
Hedwig and Harry are the only semi sane people left in this whole story which says a lot about everyone else.
4/17/2019 c2 BorderLand
Well at least he made his opinion known, this should be very interesting from here on and it's a good thing Goblins are friendly in here. That's the only thing protecting them from extinction.

Sirius and Lupin might as well write their wills or run to Alaska.
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