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4/17/2019 c2 BorderLand
Well at least he made his opinion known, this should be very interesting from here on and it's a good thing Goblins are friendly in here. That's the only thing protecting them from extinction.

Sirius and Lupin might as well write their wills or run to Alaska.
4/10/2019 c7 Bronze
I wonder if Xeno was pulling Remus's leg about dying within the year. I truly hope not as I like him. Ya, he's nuts but he's the harmless sort of nuts. Now Harry better watch his back when leaving the bank. I wouldn't put it past Lucy to at the very least attempt to kill him so Draco could become the new Lord Black. I already know what Lucy wants the money for. It'll be an offering to please Voldie. I wouldn't be at all surprised if Lucy made the attempt while Harry was standing in a crowd either. Lucy's already a Death eater so killing someone by mistake isn't a big deal to him. Not even the head of a dark family even.
4/9/2019 c5 Bronze
Much as I dislike arguing with the author of a story I like I must disagree about Draco and his morons. Draco DOES count but unfortunately it's all too far to the right of the decimal point to be seen with the naked eye. There's also the slight problem with his Daddy fixation. Maybe Lucius overdid something to Draco at a young age and accidentally destroyed some part of the boys personality center of his brain.
4/9/2019 c4 Bronze
Hey look! It just snowed in Little Hangleton! Oh, wait. That's not snow! HEHEHE! :)
3/16/2019 c10 Koffee10
For the love of all that is Pratchett and Potter, please come back and add to this.
2/25/2019 c4 2wsbenge
YOU ARE BAD. I was drinking bourbon when I read this, and I almost chocked. :)
2/25/2019 c2 wsbenge
This story is a real hoot! :)
2/19/2019 c10 Guest
More Please
2/9/2019 c7 huntjd1
Adora? I like it! I have seen numerous fanfics that call Tonks Dora. This is the first that I can recall that calls her Adora. If I can ever kick the fanfic that is rolling around in my head out into print I might just borrow that Knick name for her.. If it ever happens I will try to remember to give you credit for it.
1/15/2019 c10 2coco29
Like it, but ... yes there is always a but.
The magic towards electronics I wouldn't have changed.
I wouldn't change the tasks (and you made some years mistakes or things that are different in canon).
You said powerfull Harry not OP but this is super OOOOOOOOOOOOP.

But I am curios were you go
12/2/2018 c10 26tlyxor1
Haha, thanks for writing. Enjoyed, and hoping for more. -t.
11/21/2018 c10 Guest
So I’m gonna ignore the ch 9 omake. I mean Gabrielle is his wife, but she said she was working for him. How can a wife marry another guy?
11/19/2018 c1 elc
This is ... well it's fanfiction but the suspension of disbelief just doesn't happen. Marriage contracts to a veela and his best friend and it's all just so convenient that a pureblood who married for love would be drunk enough to set up contracts that take away that option.
11/12/2018 c10 1eye of sparta
Amazing story please continue
11/7/2018 c4 Poussin Fou
Hi ! I like your story, it's great !
I m french and the right traduction for « a little, mostly from the cooking shows my aunt watched» is «Un peu, principalement grâce aux émissions de cuisine que ma tante regardait. »
Good luck
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