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for Swallowing Pride and Breaking Prejudice

4/15/2011 c8 19sharpestsatire
I am SO glad my mom's not like that. o.O

Wow, so Liz thinks that Darcy... and Caroline is being... *trails off* Wow. Ok, fully hooked now. And your GRAMMAR AND PUNCTUATION. *impressed* Goodness, you're one of the few on here who actually seems to know what they're doing when it comes to the English language! I'm not perfect, though I do have a grasp of it... But I do recognize skill when I see it. :) I'm so sick of ones that have little or no punctuation and words used/spelled incorrectly... Yours is a breath of fresh air!

I don't suppose you could post more soon before I go insane from lack of it? *puppy eyes*
3/7/2011 c8 1cckeimig
This is great fun so far, and you've really softened Darcy a lot-I agree that Georgiana would necessarily soften him quite a bit. I'm really enjoying the story so far!
3/5/2011 c8 1Th3 R3aD3r
hurry hurry hurry in your update... loooooooooove this plot
3/4/2011 c8 Nordic826
Well! Darcy is learning to be quite gracious, inviting Mrs. Bennett to join their walk in the gardens! I am enjoying getting so much of his thoughts in your story. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to chapter 9.
3/4/2011 c8 tcdavis
Oh lord-why can't Mrs. Bennet EVER take the hint? She's impossible, but I guess it would be odd to paint her with any kind of sense.

Thanks again for the great new post-waiting (im)patiently for your next.
3/4/2011 c8 4KimberlyTee
That was a good take on Mrs. Bennet's visit... I always found it so unfortunate that she was unchecked. That her husband simply gave up and never understood how he, as the father of five women, with no dowry and nothing to live on upon his passing wouldn't need something more to attract themselves to a better situation.

I am looking forward to more!
3/4/2011 c8 petuniadoodle
I've just read your first 8 chapters today and really like your story. Of coarse to us, your reading audience, you can't update often enough. When an author is a good write, I love long stories? About how many chapters do you anticipate for your story?
3/4/2011 c1 Nordic826
I have just stumbled upon your story and am glad to see that I have seven more chapters to enjoy. You are a very good writer. You give good character descriptions and detail, engage all the senses in your descriptions, and I didn't notice typos, or misspelled or misused words. I look forward to reading more!
3/3/2011 c8 19aGreatPenName
Haahhaha that chapter was written so well! Just reading it made me so frustrated with Mrs. Bennett that I wanted to face-palm!

Really, it was most excellent. The flow of the whole conversation/accusations was interesting and never redundant. Makes for the best kind of reading~~ Can't wait to see what you have coming next.
3/3/2011 c8 10Avanell
Great update! Can't wait for Georgie to have the opportunity to tell her story.
3/3/2011 c8 emmas212
amazing chapter. Can't wait to see how the story is going to progress!
3/3/2011 c8 5LiteraryRomantic
Just when I thought we would hear Elizabeth's reactions to the Ramsgate affair as narrated by Georgiana. Well cliffhangers keep interest, and I applaud your story although I don't enjoy its being cut off at such interesting moments. Update soon please.
3/3/2011 c8 YepItsMe
Sweet! I love that Darcy helped Lizzy out and held his ground with Mrs B instead of just ignoring her. And Lizzy is finally getting a clue about Darcy's feelings, yay! I laughed when her heart fluttered and she worried she was getting sick like Jane! And I was waiting to see if Lizzy was going to comment on his name being Fitzwilliam, and she did! Too cute.

Update again soon!
3/3/2011 c8 3Eb Evans
I love the detail in the emotions and their expression. Yes, I'd be turning red at times as well. Great update - please keep it going.
3/3/2011 c1 1Ivy2010
I feel bad for lizzy everytime Mrs. Bennet walks into a room lol. Good chapter post soon
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