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for Swallowing Pride and Breaking Prejudice

1/20/2011 c2 10Avanell
That was fun! Dissing the Cow...following his sister...and Miss Bennett ;)
1/19/2011 c2 tcdavis
This is really wonderful work so far, and I was thrilled to see that you'd posted chapter 2 so quickly-will you post a chapter each day (pretty please)? Even if you don't, I will continue to read with pleasure. Thanks again!
1/19/2011 c2 MAB35
Lovely! I liked Elizabeth's interaction with Georgiana and Darcy's reaction to her.
1/19/2011 c2 emmas212
absolutely love it can't wait for more!
1/19/2011 c2 2Artemis Acorn
I really like your premise. The introduction of Georgiana into the early part of the story must change the dynamic dramatically! You're off to a fantastic start, and I'm looking forward to finding out where you go with this. - AA
1/19/2011 c2 acelticdream
You're off to a great start - can't wait to read more!

As for "name calling" as it were ... stick with what is proper for each person. Mr. Darcy would always refer to Elizabeth as Miss Elizabeth ... even in his own thoughts. Jane is Miss Bennett since she is the eldest female child. Just as Georgiana would be Miss Darcy.

Jane refers to her as Lizzy, same as Charlotte and Mr. Bennett. Everyone else (family-wise) refers to her as Elizabeth. This is the standard from the original story if I remember rightly.

I hope I understood your original question rightly and have given the answer(s) you needed.

However, I didn't read any awkwardness in how you bounced around between the character's perspective. You're doing just fine!
1/19/2011 c2 Gamax
Great story start! You can make Darcy call her Miss Elizabeth as she is the second unmarried sister and not the eldest unmarried Bennet sister, as Jane has the honor of being called Ms. Bennet. I think that as Darcy falls in love, he will most likely call her anything he wants in endearments. Good luck to you and I'm really enjoying this story!
1/18/2011 c1 lindablanche
I like the premise. Keep going. I am interested in seeing how you continue. Excellent writing so, far.
1/18/2011 c1 16lookupatthesky
I really like the start and I look forward to seeing the changes you make... I think having Mrs. Bennet want either Jane or Lydia to marry Darcy is a really interesting twist. Update soon please!
1/18/2011 c1 YepItsMe
Great start, cant wait to see where you go with it. I always wondered if D and E wouldve gotten together sooner if Georgiana had been there from the start. Hope you update again soon.

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