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for Swallowing Pride and Breaking Prejudice

1/20/2013 c10 Blutara
I love your story so very much! I hope you post more in the future(your character portrayals have been awesome)!
1/15/2013 c10 miriamktr
Wonderful chapter and glad your family is doing so well. I love this story I hope you continue to write as it has been a Joy to read!
1/15/2013 c9 miriamktr
Oh they were so close! Love it though!
1/15/2013 c8 miriamktr
I loved when Elizabeth wondered to herself of she was getting sick because of the flutterings she was feeling ! Adorable!
1/15/2013 c7 miriamktr
What a fabulous chapter, I am giggling like a school girl, I love that darcy is so openly smitten
1/15/2013 c6 miriamktr
Hmmm I'm curious to see how this is going to go, onto the next chapter!
1/15/2013 c5 miriamktr
Seriously so good!
1/15/2013 c4 miriamktr
Gasp. He wants to accompany her home! Ahhh fun opportunity!
1/15/2013 c3 miriamktr
Great chapter!
1/15/2013 c2 miriamktr
I like this a lot!
1/5/2013 c10 Sophia
Please continue I love you story so much
12/10/2012 c10 Jump Highly
You've got a unique and engaging premise here. Quite enjoyable, and really a rather logical counterfactual. I've enjoyed the story and look forward to reading more! I would add, if I might, one other thought, which is that you might want to guard against moving too quickly. Darcy has had nary a backwards glance, and while you acknowledge that he has not been as exposed to the follibles of the Bennet family nor had the time to listen to the censure of their status, it seems that even if he is oblivious now, a bit of an awakening is called for. Pride & Prejudice, after all, is not merely about misunderstanding, but also real differences in priorities and behavior. Your premise doesn't change those.

I eagerly anticipate your next chapter!
11/26/2012 c10 blinddivinity
Love it :) Cannot wait to read more.
11/19/2012 c10 Guest
Your kid is soooo cute! haha Please update soon your story is quite extraordinary. One like I've never seen. So please continue to write and update soon! you have talent!
11/16/2012 c10 2Madame Minuit12
aw such a lovely story :) I can't wait for some more lizzy-darcy interaction! :D
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