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for Swallowing Pride and Breaking Prejudice

10/11/2011 c7 23Aki no Ryu
Good job, Bingley! It seems that he is the most astute of them all at the moment for Darcy thinks Bingely fancies Elizabeth and Elizabeth thinks Darcy likes Jane. Excellent ploy on Bingley's part to leave Darcy and Elizabeth - chaperoned, of course - together!
10/11/2011 c6 Aki no Ryu
Didn't Jane assume a few chapters before that Elizabeth was referring to Bingley when Elizabeth was relaying a certain gentleman's praise? And wasn't Jane better pleased when she thought the praise was coming from Bingley? Why didn't Elizabeth catch that? Also, isn't she noticing Bingley's cncern toward Jane?
10/11/2011 c5 Aki no Ryu
That was a funny chapter. I'm glad Darcy's not making an ass of himself and antagonizing Elizabeth!
10/11/2011 c4 Aki no Ryu
Nice, Darcy, get to know her better!

I like how you're deviating from canon. Keep up the good work!
10/11/2011 c3 Aki no Ryu
Uhmmm, Darcy's falling and it seems, falling fast! Can't wait to see where thsi goes. I'm glad the Darcy-Bingley confusion when the ssiters were talking was cleared up immediately.
10/3/2011 c9 holly-phoenixtail
I would very much like to see how the story unfolds. I would encourage you to go where your pen goes (or where your fingers type, as the case may be). Your instincts for the story flow is good. I am enjoying it a lot and cannot wait for the next installment.
9/18/2011 c9 jack the shmee
Very sorry for your loss and the current difficulties.

I very much enjoy this story and the direction it's headed. I think, personally, that the confusion about who Darcy actually likes is more than enough drama. Usually, you read about a huge misunderstanding between E&D and then something awful happening with Wickham, and then something else on top of that. I'm fond of the directness of this story.

At any rate, thanks very much for writing and I hope you're well.
8/24/2011 c9 6Angels Deathwish
i just finished this awesome story and i am so glad you are continuing this even through the frenzy of your life . i thoroughly enjoy reading this story and find i love your perception of the characters very much . i hope you get sorted out soon as i am very eagerly awaiting your updates . i may add that the idea of continuing this story past their marriage is indeed in my favour ! please do and please update ;)
8/19/2011 c9 7Glimmer Daireann-Golden Sky
I am very sorry to hear about your recent losses and wish you the best in such trying times. I would like to say by way of encouragement that your story is wonderful. While I wait with baited breath for the next chapter, I would wish that you not write for anyone's sake but your own. :D If it becomes a chore or is no longer enjoyable, then it will show in your work.

As for my opinion about them marrying, I would leave it in your capable hands, dear writer. If the story can support a twist that delays the outcome, then by all means, but if not, then please leave it as it is.

Best of luck!

~Slytherin Shaman
8/4/2011 c9 1irdgad
I enjoyed the story that you have given so far. I would be very happy to read more.

No problem with Darcy and Elizabeth getting married by the end of the story.

Some extenuating circumstance delaying their marriage is also good.

I'm very much interested to see if Georgie gets time to tell Elizabeth about Wickham and if so, how it will change the direction of the story when he comes to town.
6/8/2011 c9 19sharpestsatire
It's fine! life is - shocker - far more important than fanfiction. :)

Get back to this story when you can! I - we readers, actually - love it!
5/8/2011 c5 17timunderwood9
Possibly this is simply driven by my general distaste for story lines driven by miscommunication, but while I'm definitely enjoying the interaction between Elizabeth and Georgiana, I'm not sure if having Elizabeth mistake Darcy's interest in her for an interest in Jane adds anything to the story.

Though again, part of this is that I just really dislike misunderstanding driven story telling. While I really do like stories driven by friendly interactions.
5/8/2011 c2 timunderwood9
Sort of sorry about the last review, which has nothing to do with your story, its just the disclaimer in P and P fan fic is a pet peeve. The disclaimer in most fan fiction is there because it kind of provides legal cover- which is completely irrelevant for a book in the public domain. Today humanity owns Pride and Prejudice.

Regarding your story, I like the conceit of Georgiana coming to Netherfield, and Elizabeth noting her discomfort and befriending her.

And the management of it in the first two chapters is fairly good, following Darcy's thoughts as he tracked Elizabeth's figure, and Miss Bingley making a mistake in how she tries to get him interested in her.
5/8/2011 c1 timunderwood9
Actually Austen doesn't own Pride and Prejudice, and would not if she were still alive. There is a fairly solid amount of published Pride and Prejudice fan fiction as a result.
5/8/2011 c9 ginnyweasleyrules
This is such a lovely story-keep it up!
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