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10/19/2011 c21 1AdonicaSS
Oh Liz, you are gonna kill peeps with this chapter...

My Hub has been a pall bearer a zillion times (he's a big guy, he's literally been pulled from the church pews to be an attendant in a pinch).

Hub has some HILARIOUS pallbearer stories...honestly...we've been to so many funerals (I am often asked to sing)...but your Edward, dear, sweet, Edward...trying to carry his mom...

Like I said, you are gonna kill peeps.

10/19/2011 c21 6AnniePattz376
Oh God, you made me cry with this little piece. My poor Edward. I'll come more prepare when you update, with tissues and stuff, this seems already a very emotional chapter.

so excited! see you next time, have a nice week!
10/19/2011 c21 robsjenn
Ok, phew, no bipolar. PTSD, anxiety, depression = temporal and treatable.

But, E, you gotta tell Jack Sparrow all the back story! The valium, the couch - yes, those count!

E doesn't hear himself when he says "watched other people carrying my mom and dad away from me," does he? He doesn't realize what he's communicating, does he?

Hope you're hanging in there...and let me know if I can help with this next chap.


10/19/2011 c21 songster
OMG. Poor Edward. Very metaphoric as well. He wasn't strong enough to save them and he wasn't strong enough to carry the weight and bury them. Poor guy, no wonder he has lingering issues. All those inventories and assessment tools! Go online and self-diagnose. Less costly. LOL. I like how E blames himself for all the assessments. He was too busy deflecting using the psych's name. *snorts* It would be like visiting Dr. Chris Kringle or something.
10/19/2011 c21 pimm cullen
Yeh, he's not bi-polar I had my worries.

I love when we get to hear more about Edward, it's so interesting. There have been so many parts of the story that have sparked my interest in Edward but in reality we really don't have a lot of detail about the period after his parent were murdered and how he was back then.

Take care

Pimm x
10/19/2011 c21 Lizzard43
OMGosh! *wipestears I was debating on if I should read the teaser. But I opened it anyway, and wow! Just that little bit got to me and I found myself tearing up. So now I know, I must have tissue when I read your update. :)
10/19/2011 c21 Elli-Iris
So Jasper is good. PTSD,anxiety and depression with a panic attack here and there confirms Dr. Sparrow. I wonder is Dr. Sparrow did his homework and watched the Pirate films? ;-) Knowing the symptoms and diagnosis of such things can be a blessing and a curse. He can recognize what is happening but treatment wise. I would imagine thinking he should be able to deal with it on his own can lead to not seeking help. But he has done that this time. Manageable. Not a lost cause. Hope. He is talking.

10/19/2011 c21 MK543
Love you Liz, love the story. This short piece was welcomed but broke my heart... Edward has had a large load to carry. Instead of Bella escaping to California I think she & Edward should escape to an island for a month. Realizing they've only met a month ago... there's still so much to learn about each other.
10/19/2011 c21 Bee's Bookshelf
Thanks for the teaser, Sweetie!

I'm really looking forward to the update even more now! :)
10/19/2011 c21 NY13
I hope it's good travels for you...I hope the captain can help him.
10/19/2011 c21 FireandIceBoth
Thanks for the teaser.
10/19/2011 c21 Julia-S77
poor edward no wonder that music brings back such awful memories xx
10/18/2011 c21 Jslpisces
Sniffling... or whatever it is called when you are quiet crying and trying to keep people from knowing that a teaser just made your heart break.

I've told you before but I must repeat myself. The initial attraction I had to the story, even when it was 'simply' a o/s contest entry, was the gentle, respectful appreciation you have for grieving souls. I truly am moved every chapter and teaser to believe that there is an "Edward and Bella" out there in the universe moving through their pain.

Be safe in your travels!

10/18/2011 c21 Just Sus
Thanks, Liz, as always! Poor Edward!
10/18/2011 c21 AH Darling
That poor man. Please don't make him suffer!

LOL, or get any closer to the STD carrying Skankasourus.

Pretty please?
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