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for She Gives Me Religion: Weekly Teasers & Outtakes

4/30/2012 c23 wonderfullybedazzled
Angsty. Poor confused E.
4/30/2012 c20 wonderfullybedazzled
Loved it! More Alice & Jasper.
4/30/2012 c28 heycarrieann17
OMG! Edward is stressed!
4/30/2012 c28 Elli-Iris
Hey their Liz. Oh dear, bumps in their plans. I hope they work I out. Take Care and I hope RL calm down for you. Miss seeing you around. Do you know Raum, writer of An Italian Winter? She could help with your Italian. Hugs! Iris~Elli
4/29/2012 c28 fuz
...breathless... I can´t wait. This is really a teaser, now I am all hot and bothered about this wedding! All this obstacles are depressing. Thank you.
4/29/2012 c28 Sunny SS
Ohh, sighs, how I love this messed up Edward. The teasers in Pinterest are lovely. Can't wait for the next chappie, but shall be very sad when it's over.

And sadly, I've no Italian, a bit of Spanish, but no Italian. ¡Buena suerte!
4/29/2012 c28 ohtobeyoung
Many make the promise to raise them Catholic but unless one party is very strong in the faith must children aren't raised with any real beliefs at all. It would be must simpler if Bella changed faith. As a former Catholic I can safely say little of what the church teaches is biblically sound or not done for any reason other than lining the pockets of the diocese or the vatican. How else did it become one of the most weath organizations? The mob itself has nothing on them.
4/29/2012 c28 stephsmith
This is where they frustrate me more than they ever have in this story. They're willing to make false promises and lie about their faith just so they can get married in a certain building? He's right to hate organized religion and it's man made rules. I'm 100% certain the Bible is silent on where marriages can be performed and who can perform them. It does say one man and one woman, not to marry with the idol worshipers (OT), and not to divorve over anything but unfaithfulness. There you go Edward and Bella; you're good to go. They did slip up with the sex outside of marriage but it doesn't stop them from saying I do.
4/29/2012 c28 pimm cullen
Can't wait for the full chapter. This teaser and the accompanying visual have me eager for the words to go with them. The pictures are great they paint a detailed visual of the chapter to come.

I hope RL isn't still kicking your butt too hard, I had been wondering how you were going as it's not like you have such long breaks.

take care

Pimm x (Bouncing like Alice with the promise of an upcoming shopping trip)
4/28/2012 c28 29Rebadams7
Oh those pesky rules!

4/28/2012 c28 Gennell
Wow. Edward is really wound tight. But kind of funny too, poor thing.
4/28/2012 c28 1AdonicaSS
Well, hopefully, Bella will have something to say about her marriage location and the religion of her child.

*uses my loud middle school teacher and CATHOLIC CHURCH CANTOR VOICE*

"Bella? Calling Bella to the story, please."

Someone ought to derail Edward's plans. Marrying in a Catholic Church, without actually believing in the tenants of that faith, is disengenous. Just because Edward likes the building (St. Frances) doesn't give him the right to marry there. Furthermore, christening a child in a Catholic Church, without having any intention of raising a child in the faith is, IMO, abhorent. Bettter to not christen the child at all.

Can't wait for Bella's voice of reason and calm to prevail. Kudos to Carlisle.

(In my parish, 6 months notice is required for marriage)
4/28/2012 c28 quitomom
That definitely let some air out of their balloon ;(
4/28/2012 c28 farside79
Once again, I am delighted to see a bit of Seminarian Edward - he is a riot! I am Catholic, so I have been thru the ringer with each ceremony - weddings, baptisms and now my kids are in Catholic grade school. I sometimes share his exact sentiments. However, I truly hopes he gets his wish somehow - maybe they should be married in Assisi Italy instead and have Carlisle perform the ceremony in some square and then be done with it. I think that Esme and Carlisle would like a vacation in Italy after all they have been thru lately.
4/28/2012 c28 Just Sus
Thanks, Liz...hope all goes smoother!
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