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3/11/2011 c1 11XaviAmi
Wow...this is really good. But short, awww :3

I love how it's a letter sent to himself, but also from himself. I haven't read anything like that before. It really made me think...
1/21/2011 c1 8Romamama
and this is where we slap England *slaps*

wake up, you're still FUCKING UK, bitch!

and will you stop dwelling over being alone, because you're not.

you have wales, schotland and your other brothers. they're still here why? cuz you claimed them as yours hence the United.

oh and Mattie and Alfred didn't leave you, they just grew up (well Hong Kong was really taken away, and Sealand well sold himself, but that's besides the point!) oh and Spain's colonies left him too, dya see him crying and angsting? no, well that's cuz he's awesome and same goes for France.

now stop being whimpy and smile you frikin Pirate XDDDD

(okay mean to England much XDDD so angsty I couldn't take not bashing on him XDDD) soryy and awesome story
1/20/2011 c1 Herro Kitty
;A; Angsty Iggy is angsty...

Call me an idiot, but the "Love, Me" and the end made me go kinda :) after reading xD

I hope to see more of your writing~

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