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12/19/2021 c25 Gloria
And when the world needed her the most, she vanished…
7/11/2016 c25 COME BACK
I love your writing u can't leave me at s cliff hanger like this I need u to please update this magnificent story please don't leave me hanging
5/7/2016 c7 Cloud Bearer
"Orihime was going to go get herself a smoothie." I liked this chapter because Orihime is portrayed as a sweet, understanding girl, almost like in the original franchise, while Rukia is an annoying brat.
I never liked Rukia as a character either, so I'm kinda content in reading a bashing of her.
I'm ranting. Great.
3/18/2016 c1 cary99
Fantastic chapter
3/12/2016 c25 alicia.jen.havens
Great story it would be nice if you finished it,
12/6/2015 c25 Guest
Absolutely brilliant i hope you update. I'm just addicted to this, so much that i read everything in a day.
9/25/2015 c25 IshaGJaegerjaques
It's crazy that I'm asking you - begging you x'( *sniffles* - to update this story after the latest chappy was uploaded in 2012 (I was a snotty high school student then), but you're too awesome for readers to stop pestering you! :p Please come back, we're dying out here! :'( On another (more important) note than my snivelling, you have changed my outlook on GrimmIchi stories completely. I usually found the GxI pairing stories on ffnet to have a hot-as-hell but extremely forceful Grimmjow, which is supposed to be IC, but was truly getting a bit exhausted of the man being portrayed like that continuously. You have brought out another side of him, which doesn't seem OOC at all D The man in canon has been shown to have a lonely, complicated, not to mention gruesome past as well, which led to his rage and desire to fight tooth-and-nail for some sort of recognition, an acknowledgement, even from a mortal enemy. Tite Kubo has (intentionally or otherwise) made Grimm more human than is evident at first look. You revisited that aspect, and I'm so, so very proud of you.
7/23/2015 c25 tdish
Please finish this story. I'm sure I know what the end result will be, but its the getting there that I enjoy. Plus, I want to know if you are going to leave Ichigo as a paraplegic ( which would be upsetting ), but I have to know.
5/31/2015 c25 7cleodaze
here i am reading this story in the year of 2015 waiting for you to update another chapter. i hope you haven't abandon this amazing story though i understand a lot of things happen in real life that just had to be put a priority so :) but still, this story is so amazing and has so much potential that its sad to see this being discontinued. i mean, your ichigo is so tough and strong with whatever shit coming his way yet he still keep going strong and keep on trying and grimmjow who despite his problem he stayed positive and with ichigo's support he lives in his dream and the way you potray their relationship i just can't :') so i really really hope to get to read your next update. and thank you for this 25 chapters i read in one go its amazing /throws you loveeeeee/ :)
4/29/2015 c25 lampshadezz
is the 3-year gap between the last update and the current year simply because of a terribly long hiatus? ;-;
i really loved this story! when it got to the parts mentioning luppi's slow descent to near-insanity, i became somewhat reluctant to read this because i am a total wuss and cannot handle murderous shit like that. but it proved to be well worth the read and even wasn't as bad as it made it seem like it was going to be (tht sentence just then was weirdly worded wasn't it? anyways, its late and im sleepy but i NEED to review this before i sleep or it will haunt me in my dreams or something...?)
i love your idea or writing about a person who does not have a sense we take for granted and the fact that you threw in an utterly gorgeous and awesome 'rock' for said hapless person, who, despite having lost his ability to see, is still fiery XD
grimmjow is gorgeoussss! 3
little fangirl moment aside, the whole content of this story is so heart-warming and heart-clenching at the same time. having started playing piano myself (though only last year; i still have a LONG way to go X9) i kinda understand the sort of safe haven grimmjow finds in playing the piano and i'm honestly proud of that fact... ._.
though i understand that life may have gotten so hectic that you haven't even the time to spare a thought for a fanfiction that some readers (like me), not matter how long the wait, will eagerly follow through to the end. i hope that you may like, take a break one day and think back to this awesome Bleach fanfiction that you started but left hanging in one of the most crucial points, where grimmjow makes a decision about going to san francisco or staying with ichigo but yeahh lets put that aside... i understand that you may not even LIKE grimmichi anymore so...
but i'm still hoping :)
i love love love this workk! XD
9/28/2014 c5 Annoying Owl
Ahg! I did not anticipate the fluff-seizure I got on the last scene! I love the piano pieces btw. I download them befire reading to get a feel of it.
7/20/2014 c25 5SpiceyIceey
Like errrmygod please please please. Bless us with this wonderful writing. I have laughed cried and screamed so hard my neighbors called the police because they thought I was being murdered. I absoFUCKINGlutley love what you have done with these two. You are absolutely amazing.
2/5/2014 c13 clarit
those little creeps, I really really really hope they don't get to really hurt ichigo.
I swear I'll materialize in your fic and kill them with my own two fictional typed-in hands.
I feel like growling at them, really. I think I'm possibly losing my mind reading this.
2/5/2014 c9 clarit
Grimm and ichi are just so perfect. this fic is so perfect, it makes me swoon and sigh and smile. I genuinely feel for this couple. Their relationship and their characters also feel very realistic and I'm able to relate to how they think and stuff.

well, Luppi always seemed psychotic to me. I'm very scared for ichigo. :/
that crazy bitch better not mess our berry up. ò_ó

btw I've been playing the songs on youtube, and been enjoying them much.
That requiem for a dream song always feels so painful, it's like my heart's clenches everytime I hear it.
This whole fic is so beautiful and emotional, the music goes with it real well. thanks for sharing this n_n
2/5/2014 c5 clarit
aww I would have been one of those ladies with heart shaped eyes if I were there to witness this. Seriously, it's so almost clasically romantic, the beautiful blind youth and the angry angsty pianist.
aggg I love your fic!
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