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for Knight no more

1/25/2015 c12 HellsMaji
I can't believe how much of a complete, childish, bitch Dawn is in this story. I think, for the first fic ever, I actually hate her. She's so annoying I just want to slap the crap out of her.
10/9/2014 c9 Guest
Chloe and Leia should have had a longer dianoga scene
8/7/2013 c23 Peanut Gallery
Fantastic, I only had problems with the Babalon % chapters, something didn't click for me, on the other hand the Space Rangers chapters made me wish I had seen more than one of the episode of the series. Stargate chapters were purfect.


Peanut Gallery
4/20/2012 c2 FTFCHRIS
I remember Xander asking about cloning body parts to the Anakin Skywalker ghost and the only reason Vader never got it was because Palpatine wouldn't let him. Has that changed? No more cloning body parts and instead you can only get mechanical replacements?

Maybe it's cause i just recently finished the prequel that i still remember you left the option open for cloning body parts.
4/20/2012 c1 FTFCHRIS
Again love the story. Reviewing because i think the story deserves more reviews.

Still hating the fact that Lexa, Buffy and Willow are actually in the story. Still want to gut them like fish. Hate that vampires are now apart of Star Wars.

Great writing. It's weird that something this length with such great writing has so little reivews even if anonymous reviews are turned off. I'm guessing most of them hate the same things i hate about the story right now and don't like it enough to review but don't hate it enough to flame. A great story became mediocre with those choices and people barely leave reviews for a mediocre story. Should've kept this story great.
1/11/2012 c22 2Kurama Kuchiki
Greetings hatten-jc

You Knight no more is one of the funniest Star War crossovers that I've read to date. I enjoyed the fact they didn't take what ever advanced tech they could find as they cross dimensions. I've tried to keep up with the ship mods in a "wiki" like table. Would you please look it over and see if I'm right.


Production information

Manufacturer: Ghtroc Industries

Model: Class 720 freighter

Class: Light freighter

Modified by:

• Unnamed smugglers

• New Republic

• Talon Karrde

• Xander Harris Solo

• Jaina Organa Solo

• Anakin Organa Solo

Technical specifications

Length: 40 meters

Width: 26 to 40 meters

Height/depth: 7 meters

MGLT: 110 mglt

Maximum speed (atmosphere): 750 km/h

Engine unit(s): Class 10 military Ion engine

Hyperdrive rating:

• Class 0.5

• Class 15 backup

Hyperdrive system: ?

Power plant: ?

Shielding: Class 3 Military grade


• Class 5 Military grade

• Vorlon bio-armor

Sensor systems: Military grade

Navigation system: Equipped

Avionics: ?

Main computer: ?


• communication and Sensor jammers

• black hole sensor mask

• Minbari targeting cloak


• Modified quad laser cannons (2: 1 top, 1 bottom)

• 72 twin auto-blaster

• Concealed Concussion missiles (2 tubes)

• Concealed Energy torpedoes (2 tubes)

• Tractor Beam Generator

Complement: XJ-Wing

Escape craft: 1-2 escape pods

Crew: 1-2

Passengers: 10

Cargo capacity: 150 metric tons

Cargo handling systems: ?

Consumables: 2 months

Life support: ?

Communication systems: Military grade

Other systems:

• Aacceleration Compensator

• Transportation rings

• Type-Five recharger

• Asgardian healing bed

• Asgardian Holographic Technology



• Freighter

• Smuggling ship

• Warship

• Hospital ship


• New Republic Era

• New Jedi Order Era


• Jedi Order

• New Republic

• Worf Transports Unlimited


• R3-F4

• “T-1000” Cargo droid

• MD-5 General practitioner

• FX-Medical assistant

• D4-D4 Protocol droid

• Ranger model 5000 horse (7)

Known owner: Xander Harris Solo


• Xander Harris Solo

• Jaina Organa Solo

• Jacen Organa Solo

• Lowbacka

• Samy

• Anakin Organa Solo

• Rona

• Riley Finn

• Graham

• Chloe

• Danni Solo

• Lexa Harris

• Buffy Summers-Finn

• Dawn Summers

• Willow Roseberg

Commander: Xander Harris Solo


• Kling

• USS: Enterprise 1701-X

• The Pickard

• The Excelsior
1/1/2012 c22 mwbib
I'm glad to see that you still update this story. I love how this story has progressed so far. I am looking foreword to more
1/1/2012 c22 cj-cold
Nice chapter.

A little short.

Liked the showing of Xander and crew having fun at the beach. Though the part with Han and the Coca Cola made me wonder if Xander has considered having it analysed so that it can be produced locally. It might even catch on since he and his family are semi-celebrities, and turn into an export for Shesharille.

Like the idea of using the Corvette as a training ship and your point makes sense about teaching Jedi protocols for when they interact with the military forces.

Look forward to the visit to Hapes and the adventure that will most likely come of it.

More soon please.
12/21/2011 c20 deathhides
really good series plz ceep up the great workz
12/1/2011 c20 Castor and Pollux
Very, very good. Keep it up.
11/27/2011 c20 cj-cold
Nice update.

Always fun to see more of this story.

I like the discussion on how to introduce the new tech. I liked the Xander arranged for his 'home' of Shesharille to do some of the production and profit from it.

I did notice that you didn't discuss the Vorlon bio-armor, the Asguard medical tech, or the robo horses.

I think the Mon Cals should produce the bio-armor. Hapes cluster could produce the med tech, and the robo horses I don't know.

As for popularity, I wonder if a cowboy style movie featuring the robohorses would boost their sales.

Look forward to more adventures of Xander and crew. Avisit to Hapes does sound like a nice idea, maybe with his new ship that he captured to boost his legend. Might even make an entrance and 'ring' in with lots of witnesses to really boost rumors.

More soon please.
11/27/2011 c20 king1367
Poor people, Luke and Xander love mind games hehe. Should be interesting to see how the new tech works out at "home" and what they do with it. Should also be fun to watch if Xander heads to Hapes as well.

Good chapter. Good luck with the next, I hope to see it soon.
10/8/2011 c19 king1367
They are back home, but who knows how long they will stay there knowing that bunch. Nice to see the new academy built, except for that dang ugly hanger, what were the contractors thinking I wonder lol. Looking forward to reading more soon and I wish you the best of luck.
6/22/2011 c16 mwbib
Thanks again for great storyline. I hope you continue your vision. I am eagerly waiting for it.
6/2/2011 c15 wmwhitewolf
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