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for June's dilema, Neal's big problem!

5/28/2016 c18 MargaritaS
interesting story
9/23/2012 c18 48BlueDiamondStar
wow what an awesome novel. yes, novel, a remarkably good and adventurous one at that.
really awesome story here. loved it and fully enjoyed its awesomeness
8/2/2012 c18 10hannahsmetana
Great work, nice to see fellow brit on here, proper spelling ;-) hope you've managed to catch up with the series, good news is that alibi have just picked up seasons 2 & 3 so we'll get the DVD releases before too long. Look forward to checking out more of your fics :-)
4/5/2011 c18 Lorraine44
Great story! I got so excited every time I saw a new chapter had been posted! Very well thought out with lots of surprises. One of the best stories I've read! Great job!
4/2/2011 c18 7AliWC
Awesome story, i loved every chapter, you made me want to check onto fanfiction everyday for an update and i look forward to your next story.

4/2/2011 c18 Duffy1
Very good story. Glad everything came out OK for Neal. There's one thing that bothers me a little so I'd like to see if I can help you there. You got "were" and "where" mixed up. I hope it was just a slip of the fingers. Last page when Neal is at home with Mallory. "I know you wanted me to go, Neal, but I couldn't just leave you to an animal like Lombardo. It was thanks to Mozzie I knew were you where." It should be opposite: ..."It was thanks to Mozzie I knew where you were". OK?
4/2/2011 c18 8govgal
Yeah! Very nice ending. I was really getting concerned for Neal, but I'm so glad Mallory & Mozzie were able to help! I'm looking forward to your next story!
3/28/2011 c17 Lorraine44
Wow...didn't see that coming! Great chapter!
3/27/2011 c17 Josh
Great story keep up the good work!
3/26/2011 c17 govgal
Such a shame. I can totally see Dhumo turning on Neal like that! I hope Peter can find him soon!
3/23/2011 c16 2costley51
I like that Neal was able to tell without really telling everything. Good job setting that up ahead of time. I also feel like he is in character, even 16 chapters deep.
3/20/2011 c16 8govgal
Out of the frying pan and into the fire! Lombardo's not going to be happy when he finds out Neal is double crossing him.
3/13/2011 c15 govgal
Ha, Neal just gets himself in deeper and deeper. I hope Peter can help.
3/8/2011 c14 2costley51
Still enjoying it. However, with the prison visit between Mozzie and Neal, you should probably take into account that all of those calls are recorded. Burke or anyone could listen to it at a later point and figure out a lot of what's going on. Still, I understand that you had to get Neal the information, and again, it's a good plot.
3/7/2011 c14 3Mkitkat
Suck it Dhumo! Mwahahahaha! sorry little uncalled for... Anyways I'm excited for the next chapter! I love how this is going :)
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