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6/26/2012 c12 1EvilRegalQueen97
okay im a major fan of Fintana but this is really rushed into forgiving...maybe realizations should go into santanas head where she gets hell bent on getting him to be with her and finn needs time to mend his a suggestion seems fast pasted but i i still love the story
12/26/2011 c24 FinntanaOTP
Yeaaah, im so happy that you decide to continue writing Realization :) Cant wait to read what will happen next & are you gonna continue writing your others Finntana fanfiction ?
6/4/2011 c1 summer
Great! Really looking forward to the next chapter! PLEASE UPDATE SOON!
6/4/2011 c1 Riptide2015
Nicely re written! Post soon!
6/4/2011 c1 smileyface197
I really really like it! I'm not quite sure if this is true or I just don't remember, but it seems like you wandered into Santana's mind more and their past.. Anyways, really can't wait for more!
5/30/2011 c21 Jenn
im not mad at you dont worry ... i was wondering if you gonna continue to update yours fanfics but im happy that you let us know that you will :)

i love all of yours Finntana fanfics & whatever you decide i know you'll do an amazing job because your stories are just so good :)
4/6/2011 c20 j
please update :D
4/3/2011 c20 Riptide2015
Been waiting 4 an update from the amazing author of this story! When will it happen? :/ cuz I am like begging 4 another chapter soon!
3/27/2011 c20 Jenn
your story is just so good ... im in love with it :)

please update soooon !
3/20/2011 c1 Finntanaaaa
great ending with Jesse's return :)

really exciting to see what will happen with him .. i just hope that his return will not break Finn/Santana relationship (i dont know why but ...)
3/18/2011 c20 princessa27
ouh lalaaaaaa :O Jesse is baaaaaack ... really exciting to see what will happen with him :)

please dont make more finntana drama with him !
3/10/2011 c19 Daisy
heyyy just want to tell you that i love all of your Finntana fanfictions ... i read them all & i hope to see news chapters soon for all of them :)
3/10/2011 c19 Jenn
yeaaaah you finally update & i read that you dedicated this chapter for me ... its really sweet & thanks again :)

by the way this chapter was funny, cute & adorable ! can wait to see the Sectionals chapter ... hope that they win :)

ps : make more sexytimes for finn/santana that will be awesome :)
3/8/2011 c19 princessa27
yeaaaah a new chapter :) it makes my day im happy that you didnt forget your others fanfictions & they are all good !

finally sectionals i really want to see what will happens :)
2/27/2011 c18 princessa27
love it :)

i have an idea if you dont inspiration / you can make a chapter about finn's birthday & santana can sing for him and give him the big gift :)
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