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10/27/2011 c15 total drama rocks my socks off
i have always wanted to write a one shot so i just randomly though id right one in this review.


Alejandro POV

We were both baddies we knew how to manipulate we were the couple made from hell but we needed prove this so we did.

first, we had a contest the contest was that heather had to get kiss from the total drama males and I had to get a kiss from the total drama ladies.

so I was going to score all the ladies at once I just told then to kiss me. It was just so easy to do that but we both scored the same.

this time we had to preform one prank the prank that everybody was laughing at the most would win.

I "accidentally" tripped heather over a cliff. My poor senorita. Aw well all the contestants were laughing i was sure id win.

The next day we had a surfing competition i was showing off all my moves and smirking and boy i just got my karma for being selfish. all i felt on me were mushy foods on me i stank.

I looked around and saw everyone laughing at me. he had won so invited her to the forest at night to tell her."heather heather" i called out then she appeared from behind at tree.

"hello handsome" she purred she then kissed me on the cheek.

"you win" i cry relentlessly. "you can stop the act now."

she figured out my game plan just great ugh." heather look to your left" I say softly.

she then sees all the contestants screaming particularly Gwen and LeShwana.I guess we are really the couple from hell" heather says stroking my chin. "I guess we are" I say back then we go into a long passionate kiss with the moonlight shining on us it was just perfect.

we are the couple from hell.
7/1/2011 c15 26AerisSerris
I'm really sorry, but I couldn't find a good couple for the theme and writers' block ensured... :( I'll really try harder next round!
6/30/2011 c15 DaveandHomuraResetTheTimeline
I'm so upset! I can't get my entry up in time because I'm going on vacation! Shame, I had this really good idea...

Ah, well, there's always next month, right?
6/30/2011 c15 8GwendolynD
Oh My Frigging God! You are seeing Glee!

Ok, I'm from Australia and my friend and I are doing this six week trip around europe, we find out glee is in London the same time we are there so we try to get tickets, we find out that they are in Manchester when we are in London, then they go to London when we leave for Bristol (with a tour group) and when we come back t London, they leave for Dublin, and we couldn't leave the tour group and go from Bristol to London for one night, because we had no idea what was happening we are like aaaah so close yet so far!

Sigh...anyways thanks for clearing things up for me, I can now stick with my origonal plan and if things are going well, Should be up soon...I am really liking it, hope everyone else would to, I also like the pairing I've chosen, a rareityI believe...
6/29/2011 c15 13Islanda
I'm so sorry! I have such a bad habit of doing this so last minute, always! You will definitely get an entry from me within the next couple days!
6/29/2011 c15 6Noah's twin
i would like to write a story. Dont know when it will be up, but I will like to write the one-shot.
6/29/2011 c15 AJustice90
Just uploaded a short one-shot or ya.
6/29/2011 c14 8GwendolynD
Ok, but I'll be late with mine, but don't delay your chapter for me...

Also, want to know, is it heaven or hell, as two seperate themes are is the theme heaven and hell, the sentance together?

I need to know, cause it is pivitol to my one-shot...for me that would make a great load of difference, or do you not care as long as heaven and/or hell are mentioned?
6/15/2011 c14 16silentmusician202

...That's pretty much all I have to say...
6/15/2011 c13 202ChloeRhiannonX

Just uplaoded my Hevane and Hell one...And now I realize it's Or not and...I hope that's okat though :)

It's DxC! hehe!

And I am pre-warning you...It sucks...A lot...
6/10/2011 c13 7PurpleFunkytown
Heaven and Hell? I love how that sounds! I didn't have enough time to write for the previous entry, but I'll surely write a one-shot for this theme. It's too good to let it go to waste!
6/10/2011 c13 GabrielaMaria
Oh wow...I won. That's weird.

So I get a oneshot of my choice?
6/9/2011 c13 13Islanda
Oh my gosh! I loved your one shot! I had a feeling you would do Geoff and Bridgette, and you did such an amazingly amazing job with them, as usual! :D

I can't wait for this one! Heaven or Hell...hmmm...I'll have to think about it, but it sounds really unique and exciting to write! :)

The deadline is the end of the month, right?
6/9/2011 c13 TP23Incognito
Congrats to EGOISTASINCE94! was a very interesting read indeed.

Heaven and Hell huh? might actually write something for once but seeing how information is vague I will wait to till more info is filled in to get at least a decent idea in my head. Until then, I bid you adeu. Lates.
6/9/2011 c13 silentmusician
Hooray for Egoista! I liked your oneshot it was very sweet.

Heaven or Hell. Love it! I already know what I want to write about!
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