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4/11/2019 c1 sleepthief
Ah! I'm so glad you wrote a fic about Kellindil, I was very upset he was murdered out of the blue as well :(
9/3/2018 c1 aWXMw
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2/19/2018 c19 1DayWrecker
Hurray! Another chapter! :-)
11/4/2017 c18 DayWrecker
OMG! You were killing me with the last chapters cliffhanger and you've succussfully done ir again! So I will be hanging by my fingertips off that same particular cliff until next chapter. Kudos once again.
11/1/2017 c18 54Silvara
Oh! Thank you. I'm glad you finally broke free from your dilemma for this chapter! Everytime I see this story updated I feel so happy it's almost silly. But I don't care. X)
I so wish there would be more fanfiction based on Sojourn' There are many moments in that book that only beg to be writed on, expended, changd or interpreted. There is the moment Drizzt faces the dragon armed only with speech, his life of travelling with the monks, his adventures/friendship with child Cattie-B. to name a few. c:
8/12/2017 c17 Guest
Just a sign of life from this side of the web. ( This story is waiting for your precious typing skills Also, she sais she feels lonely. And Kellendil feels like he's useless, discarded. Old. I've heart him say something along the lines of burying himself in the ground again... Don't let hiiiim! :(
3/15/2017 c17 1DayWrecker
Its official. My legs have gone totally numb from sitting on the edge of my seat. Oh my Gods! Oh my Gods! Please, please, please, continue! Yes, I am trying very hard to patiently wait for you to continue the next chapter but... your killing me!
1/21/2017 c17 DayWrecker
OMG! You can't stop there! You can't leave me on the edge of my seat like this! This story is freaking fabulous! Kudos times 10 to one hell of a gifted writer. Please, please continue...
7/12/2016 c15 54Silvara
Hi! Just wanted to remind you of the existence of this wonderful tale, and let you know that it still has readers awaiting it's completion. ...Okay one reader at least. But y'know, there are already sixteen chapter, so wouldn't it be a shame not to conclude the story? The show must go on and all that! Except that the show doesn't have to stretch on and on if you don't feel it any longer interesting; it only just need a nice and cozy ending. ;)
(Some parts of me are still yearning to see Drizzt getting on friendly terms with Kelendil, but it's okay, I'm almost resigned that it won't happen. I've got the feels under control; now. I swear. Almost. )
2/27/2015 c6 Guest
3/30/2014 c16 Silvara
Thanks for updating. You're great!
1/19/2014 c5 Wolfsong
Wolf meat: meat, food, things to eat, chewy!, also, liver and heart are edible too

Sturdy: tough, resilient, strong, heavey(duty), thick

Like the character, do not know him very well yet, so he could even be the bad guy
1/19/2014 c3 Wolfsong
Too many "injurys". The scene was good, but the repetition was annoying. Better words are hurt, wounded, gashed, hit, slashed and beaten.

Yes, please do give the poor elf a break.
1/14/2014 c16 Matthew
Hey I have been reading this for awhile now and just caught up. I really like your idea for a Kellindil survival story. I like your ability to paint a picture in a battle scene. My main criticism would be that you don't seem focused on this story. Too many chapters are repetitive and consist of finding shelter and travel. I'd suggest instead of typing a "filler" chapter just to post an update, you should wait until your truly inspired to continue the story. The Forgotten Realms deserve no less than your absolute best effort. Cheers.
9/5/2013 c1 kate
I just started reading. Your writing's pretty good, but as a wild plant/survivalist nut, there are a few factual errors I would like to point out. Firstly, an experienced woodself like Kellendil would actually have to rely very little on berries. Instead, he would probably eat more sustaining things like wild potato vine, dandelions( not sure they have those in the forgotten realms, but Salvatore seems to rely pretty heavily on earth's plants and animals), wild carrots etc. Berries are tasty, but not really filling or good for much but sugar, plus they're rather less common than people seem to think. Secondly, nobody, and I mean nobody, would eat wolf meat unless starving and I doubt they'd ever consider it a treat. There's a reason the Indians raised their own dogs. I mean, I've never personally tried it,(or even seen a dead wolf) but I have smelled coyote blood. BAD. It made a pigpen smell good. (And yes, I have smelled pigpens.) And I've read a few books. Not saying he wouldn't have eaten it, but he would certainly have held his nose. Overall though, I do like you're writing. And the fact that you use paragraphs. Some people just do not use the tab key and that makes it difficult to read. THIS IS NOT MEANT TO BE TAKEN AS A FLAME. KEEP WRITING! :):):)
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