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for The Trouble Is The Truth

4/18/2016 c13 Guest
Add what happens when they return back to the school, all the way to the end of the year. Or go into the second movie and how there relationship is still alive
6/11/2014 c13 1Dreamflyer8
Good story- read it on one go, you are a awesome writer!
9/13/2013 c13 1231533
please do a sequel or another story you're such a good writer :D
7/26/2013 c13 Jax
Yes please do a sequel.
11/11/2012 c13 Reilly03
SEQUEL SEQUEL SEQUEL. I'm so sad I didn't find this earlier. But never the less it was amazing. X
2/12/2012 c13 36Bruteaous
Sequel, sequel, sequel! Just a humble suggestion... :]

2/12/2012 c4 Bruteaous
I really like the ingenuity of this story. I think though, you should maybe take out the line at the end of this chapter that says Annabelle didn't bother to remove the key from the door before she slammed it because if the key was left in, then Kelly would be able to get in and the door wouldn't have been able to be locked because the lock mechanism would be engaged. I really love this though. Good Work :]

8/12/2011 c13 lannaislusciousredd
A sequel is definitely needed! Please x
6/3/2011 c13 KarouAz
Awesome work :) congratulations!

Really good story and liked to see Belle leaving Kelly kind of unsure of herself :p it was extremelly fun to read x) A sequel would be great (: to see how they would develop as a full fledged couple and such :D
5/8/2011 c13 20Darkwolf109
loved it! about time they got together! :) please do a sequel. i would love to find out flashs reaction to kelly choosing belle and see what happens between the two girls now their together. plus maybe see what happens to belles father and how he reacts to them. so please please do a sequel. great story! :)
5/8/2011 c13 1ElusiveParanoia

It was absolutely perfect portrayal of Kelly's emotions! I oved it how you kept her 'KellyJones-ness' and made her impulsivly kiss Belle! I LOVE IT! The best!

I very much enjoyed the begining with Polly excerting her position as pretty much second in command with the Posh Tottys! If she hadn't, chelsea would have done something.

I like how you had Annabelle suspecting Kelly's feelings and 5 stars for the kiss! Kissing the person you love in the rain is so perfect!


Thankyou for the dedication ^^ and thank you for helping me XD
5/8/2011 c13 7Ms.Adventure
You know the feeling when you're freezing cold and slide into a hot bath? That was the sensation I felt reading this whole chapter! Such a relief to see the happy ending, even if it was so hard to get there.

I love Polly chewing out Kelly - twice no less! Your descriptions of Belle and Kelly observing each other were brilliant, capturing their thoughts and feelings in such tiny hints. The ending was timed out perfectly; the speed of the build up, the moment of hesitation, the climax of the kiss . . .exquisitely done!

Sequel, sequel, sequel,(I can do this all night) sequel, sequel, sequel!
4/28/2011 c12 evfan12
awsum story keep it goin
4/24/2011 c12 1ZX7-495
This story is awesome! Are you thinking of continuing it?
4/23/2011 c12 TeganDR
honestly, i really like the story!

Hope you keep up with the good writing, and really looking forward for the next chapter! Don't keep us hanging on with the kelly/annabelle relationship for 2 much longer...
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