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for Saving Sasuke

1/29/2018 c11 1JadeDragon100
Darn, I was hoping it wouldn’t be a cut off... well I hope you decide to update again someday : )
6/9/2017 c11 Niha161
Oh fuck!
Why doesn't u continue this?
It's still not finished yet !
Plz update!
9/11/2016 c11 BlindedBySin
Love the story and hope you update soon! A
5/24/2016 c11 1The Fox of the Shadows
sooo...are you ever going to finish this?
3/29/2016 c11 5SweetLoveCage
Would it be to much to ask for a update, i would love to read morooore of this !
7/9/2015 c11 Brazilwolf
I really like how the twins act as well as how Naruto reacted with his friends. Though there are some things I hope for like. Maude Sasuke and Rai stay or be more reliant of Naruto. Also that they don't get that much hurt in the future like with the memories or dreams. But if you don't want to that is all fine. Just can't wait to see the next chapter
2/23/2015 c11 S-0827
Uh, hi? I know I asked this too In the other fanfic you wrote but I just wanted to make sure so I can feel better. Your not going to make Sasuke evil...right? Maybe some complications and such but not Sasuke leaving Naruto and Rai-chan...that would be awful.

Oh and I hope that Naruto starts calling Sasuke with chan cause I even thought that Naruto calling Rai with chan and not with Sasuke was like him liking Rai more, in a child's opinion anyway (it's from experience, hate when somebody calls your sister in a very caring way but they don't do that to you. Now I just feel disgusted when someone in my family do that to me, maybe because I'm not used to it)
12/15/2014 c11 jj
Hey when are you updating? I can't wait for the next chapter.
10/2/2014 c11 TrippleLove
please update soon! :D And please tell me it's a happy ending or i'll be crying for weeks...:P
8/2/2014 c11 EternalNarutoFan
Aww, too bad this story hadn't been updated in so long! I like how the inspiration was the story "Phoenix Rising", (which hasn't been updated for so long, either), yet each story is it's own. That shows how great a writer you are. I hope you receive more inspiration and time to write more of this story. I wanna know what happens next!
6/17/2014 c11 1cthulucoon
I guess I'll say the same as everyone else, awesome story and please write more of it!
4/20/2014 c11 5Igornerd
I hope you will keep writing this story one day.
4/20/2014 c9 Igornerd
Interesting, indeed.

I like Sakura's reaction.
4/20/2014 c8 Igornerd
Good cliffhanger.

And I'm willing to bet that the eventual reunion between Naruto and his friends will be...interesting.
4/19/2014 c7 Igornerd
It was bound to happen sooner or later.
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