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for We Make Plans, They Never Work Out Right

10/23/2021 c17 3pc2tals
Would love to see more, either a continuation or a sequel.
10/7/2021 c17 1Warren-Targaryen
please update
12/13/2020 c17 1AndyBO
wait blue eyes? the kid has blue eyes?
5/3/2020 c17 liltouchgirl
please update it's so good
2/29/2020 c17 2Jupiter S. Nikos
are you going to update?
5/20/2018 c17 brendafay
more please
11/3/2017 c17 1eyann85
This was such an amazing read, so very very brilliant
5/20/2017 c17 weeziegina
I feel like this is a good point for a sequal. Someone can take up and go there own way with it. Im a sucker for Faberry baby stories that arent all full of back and forth drama so ive read this one many times and would love to see a sequal or someone elses take of continue.
2/14/2017 c1 Faithfan2000
Please continue this story please please please
1/2/2017 c17 Guest
Please please update I miss this story
11/6/2016 c17 MRiggs
I love this story is there any chance you could come back and finish it.. please please..
9/17/2016 c17 13Josh The Pleb
this was really an amazing story! I think the best way for people to stop sending you reviews of updating requests is if you mark this story as complete. the ending was nearly perfect and the story is definitely complete in my eyes...
8/19/2016 c17 Guest
Wwow wish you wrote more so good thanks
8/12/2016 c17 rojas
Come back and finish the story please we miss your writing
7/10/2016 c17 Malene
Please update or even better finish this wonderful story.. bitty please :-)
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