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for Harry, Haruhi and the Philosophers Stone

3/1/2011 c8 5Majin Hentai X
Fast update Emma, nice and clean too. I'm waiting for a deviation though.
3/1/2011 c7 17AshK1980
Nice work!
2/28/2011 c7 5Majin Hentai X
Good I can wait for things to move. A shame that Mikuru's only 11 its hard to picture her not being a cosplay victim and being a 10 on the moe scale.

In the Greenford Common room, Haruhi sneezed. Emma come one now you've written how many Harry Potter fics?
2/28/2011 c2 1alldumbamericanrejects27
2/27/2011 c5 17AshK1980
Nice work!
2/27/2011 c6 AshK1980
Nice work as always!
2/25/2011 c6 6Darker Charon
It will be interesting to see if Ryoko goes after Harry instead of John with the knife. We Haruhiists know that there will be something with her and a knife.

As another reviewer already said, Snow staying awake in the History of Magic class was cool. Leave it to the interface/alien to be able to do what even Hermoine cannot do.

Also Haruhi is certainly genre savvy isn't she? It will be interesting to see if there is tension between her and Ron or Harry because of later events involving trolls and curses when Harry is doing his Seeker thing.
2/24/2011 c6 MugiMugi

Firstly, because I'm a Haruhiist (or you can say YUKI-ist) and also a fan of Harry Potter series. It's fun to know that there is someone out there that has the same interest as me!

Are you planning to do this until the seventh novel? If it is so, I'LL SUPPORT YOU UNTIL THE END, PAL!

And, are you also planning to do the reverse thing, by bringing Harry casts to Haruhi world? It is fun to read "The Melancholy of Harry, Haruhi Suzumiya" or "The Rampage of Harry, Haruhi Suzumiya". Too bad we dont know in what volume that series will end (and I think it won't end up soon by the arrival of Sasaki corp. and the twin plot alpha and beta).

And yes, our yandere is MUCH better than Piggy-Pansy (sorry for Pansy fans out there, if there's any) in the way her companying Draco. And Yuki (or I must say Snow?) is the ONLY one who woke up in Binns' class made me happy, even Hermione can't stand how boring it is! GO NAGATO! (or I shall call her Nathan?)

I'm a little curious about the troll thing and stabbing Kyon/John. Will those two event fuse into one or not? The same cast or not? And if yov read the light novel, won't you think that the student council president make a good prefect? Percy's next gen.

I think that's enough for now. I promise I'll give you a proper review once I get in touch with my pc.



Arigatou ne ^_^
2/23/2011 c6 5Majin Hentai X
Better watch out Harry the knife will becoming soon.

You know if I hadn't become a Haruhi fan in the last month I would be ignoring this.

I just hope this one does 'Peter' out like a few of your other crossover projects.
2/22/2011 c5 6Darker Charon
Hmmm, "Minnie" is certainly an apropos name for Mikuru and I had a feeling she'd be sorted into Hufflepuff. Hopefully she'll develop more confidence in a few years a la Neville.

Snow is obviously a literal translation of Yuki(and to another reviewer, John Smith is Kyon. That was his alias when he went back in time during Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody and becomes a plot point in Disappearance) and her sorting was what I thought it would be.

Ryoko in Slytherin is not surprising as she is the most obvious villain in the anime and until we meet Smirking Bastard, she really is the only "baddie" we meet. I can guess why you haven't introduced the Anti-SOS Brigade yet and I am not sure if they'd come into play in this story at all.

This was a very nice chapter and like how you worked in Haruhi "inventing" Hare Hare Yukai years before it was a hit.
2/21/2011 c1 1alldumbamericanrejects27
not bad so far
2/19/2011 c5 3carlos13
I really like your stories I'm always waiting for something new write.

I would like to show you a story written by me

but im reader writer so instead I'll give you a list of stories I really liked.

I hope you like them.


a good bleach


different crossover naruto


a very good crossover soul eater


kakashi vs cupid


an interesting crossover of two very different series


one of the best crossovers I've read of suzumiya haruhi


one of the stories I've read most reviewed


this story has Jinchuurikis created by the author and although many do so in this story if it works


the best crossover avatar one piece I've read


ranma a classic


a pair of bleach something different


negima naruto crossover really very good


Jinchuurikis summer camp funny and cute you have to read


one piece crossover and Green Lantern


Devil May Cry and Avatar Last Airbender Crossover

these are some that I liked I hope you like them.
2/19/2011 c5 Kalow Jager
Wow! I love this so far, I can't wait to read the next chapter.
2/19/2011 c5 1Blobking
oh i forgot uh um oh gammar the story doesn't make sent you know what i mean it not making right word in the story sorry for upset you i like the right word in the story so be careful next time okay (chasrt smile)
2/18/2011 c1 28Sakura Lisel
I can't believe how STUPID the Dursley's neighbors are in both fanfiction and the canon series. I mean exactly how old was Harry when the Dursleys started putting out lies that he was a child criminal mastermind, or whatever kind of criminal they've been calling him, and the IDIOT neighbors bought it hook line and sinker? I mean has any of the idiotic neighbors actually MET Harry in person, or seen him act in ANY way like the Dursleys described if they did happen to meet him? If any neighbor who's actually met Harry in person, should be able to say that Harry acts like the complete opposite of what the Dursleys say and is a nice non-ruffian child. I mean I'd like to see at least ONE neighbor actually say they've seen Harry Potter do something deemed evil or criminal worthy when he's on his own, then compare it to how the Dursley boy acts around town, especially when their kids come home with bruises, broken bones, and who knows what else all caused by Dudley Dursley and his roughneck gang, that is if the kids are brave enough to say it was Dudley who hurt them, and Harry Potters no wheere to be found. I mean the neighbors must also see Harry run for his life with Dudley and his gang chasing after him during their Harry hunting, and the fact that Harry must always be seen afterwards covered in bruises.
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