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4/25/2020 c1 202Daisyangel
1/3/2018 c1 Cathie Johnson
the ending resolves the story without being too cutesy. Because yu mentioned it and did not dwell on the emotions.
5/20/2014 c1 153Asher Elric
This is adorable. I loved it.
2/8/2012 c1 2ThexBrokenxMirror
Lovwd it :)
11/21/2011 c1 18Harm Marie
Liked this.
10/12/2011 c1 102The North Wyn
Very sweet. I love the comparison drawn between Eliot and Sam...and Nate's other kids, of course. ;) I love the whole Eliot passage, especially the last two paragraphs. Thanks for sharing!
8/15/2011 c1 shock rock lover
so sweet. though i can only imagine that eliot's thinking 'what the hell'? i loved the connection you made to the thoughts.
1/21/2011 c1 169cedricsowner
I really like the second part. It's very touching how you manage to draw a connection between Nate's past and present and a very believable interpretation of what fuels his feelings for his team in the circumstance of injury. Compared to the second part, the first part, in my opinion, pales a little - I think it could have been shorter; you're giving two examples for why Nate feels the way he does while one (the one with the swimming pool) might have been more intense. But this is really just a small point - the idea of Nate taking care of Eliot and memories of Sam interweaving at the same time is beautiful. Good job!

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