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for Uncertainty

6/29 c26 stephanie
Thank you for your amazing story and keeping at it until completion. It has been amazing journey and can't wait to see what you'll come up with next.
6/29 c26 laviniasarah16
omgeee I'm crying I can't imagine this story is over T_T it was so good! maybe a little prologue with conceiving Sarah and being pregnant XD pls. hehehe
6/28 c26 Eric
6/27 c26 GreedyReader
Hi !
Did you heard my squeal of joy when I saw the update ? ;D
Very well done, as usual ! And what a smart twist with the Stone of Tears...
Now, I'm both :
- happy and impressed (interesting and clever storytelling with the right mix of action, surprises and feelings, Cara and Kahlan's characterisation is nailed on, Sarah & Alys are endearing, Raina and Berdine a nice addition...)
- sad (because this wonderful journey with the whole merry gang is over)
Do you think you'll write something else with our dear Mother confessor and her favorite Mord'Sith ?
Personally, I won't be averse to a sequel involving them and their daughters... Or whatever your creative and independant mind will conjure up ;)

Merci beaucoup ! Muito obrigada! Abraço
6/26 c26 Domi18
What a journey it has been! Thank you for this wonderful piece of art! It's still a bit unbelivable it has ended. :/
Wish you all the best in your future works, Dear Author!

P.S.: Would you consider writing more about Sarah and Alys? If not a sequel with a linear storyline, then maybe one-shots about their life growing up?
6/3 c25 Mell
Wow, wow. I can't believe I forgot about this amazing freaking story. Thank gosh you updated and thank you so much! This was wonderful and I love every chapter. The pace, the characters, and learning about S/A was great. You're writing is really good and I'm excited to see where you wrap up this story.
5/25 c25 1JoeColdcuts
great chapter.
5/25 c25 Kimba68
Un capitulo sencillamente insuperable.
5/24 c25 GreedyReader
Thanks misanagy, you made my day with this update !
And now I'm going to bed with a smile on my face :)
5/6 c24 laviniasarah16
omg it's getting better and better! can't wait XD
5/3 c24 Kimba68
Impresionante como siempre. La espera del siguiente capitulo sera eterna pero merecerá la pena.
4/17 c23 Rufy SaeYuki
wow... hot smut, make me curious how you'll write about Sarah making time. sorry, just love this to much. not many people making LoS Cara/Kahlan again. you're the one n only writers I hope keep working this fiction. Thank you GBU. I hope you are well Amen
4/11 c23 JoeColdcuts
great chapter
4/11 c23 Cheska68
Simplemente perfecto.
4/7 c22 Sharja
I just want to say, thank you for the updats... your history is still one of the best i ever read!
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