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6/23/2020 c2 Guest
Great story and the second chapter is even better than the first one.
2/17/2020 c2 5matt626
I definitely could see Iroh hopping between rooms, entertaining Zuko and simultaneously fighting assassins, that thought is hilarious.
11/26/2019 c1 ae2000x
intriguing! very possible
7/22/2019 c1 7TortoisetheStoryteller
This a beautiful and heart wrenching take on Iroh's mental state. Well done.
9/2/2018 c1 2NNeko
Growing on people like a fungus. A really fun story.
8/26/2017 c2 26Athena's phoenix
This is brilliant. Everything totally fits with canon. :)
5/7/2017 c1 3The Richmaster
This was a really interesting idea; I like this explanation on why Iroh might do something like this and the showing that his past still has effects on the present
4/5/2015 c2 20InsanityIsClarity
I loved this.
4/4/2014 c2 fohiya5093
I really enjoyed reading Iroh's perspective and seeing the justifications for the choices he made. It's certainly an original and creative take on why Iroh would have insisted on placing a highly inexperienced and ill-equipped Zuko on the throne (and really, the only plausible explanation now that I think about it).

Iroh's musings about his military past (particularly his consideration of his "effectiveness" as a general) was a great (and IC) insight into his own motivations regarding the war and the consequences afterwards, and drew a good parallel between his own life and Zuko's (certain stains that never come out regardless of time passed).

Lastly, I enjoyed the light humour here and there. "Like a fungus" made me laugh aloud and ended the fic on a light-hearted note.

I look forward to reading your other work!
1/25/2014 c1 15Snugglesthefluffykitten
Hm... Pretty good.
I'm not the only one that has made the Gaang's HQ in the Jasmine Dragon.
Could you maybe give me an idea for a story? I have the worst case of writers block I have ever had.
1/25/2014 c2 5Igornerd
Of all the Gaang, I think that only Aang would not understand what was really happening.

Maybe Sokka, too.

Nice short story!
1/25/2014 c2 44TexasDreamer01
*snickers* It's a good thing that it was Aang that was there - anyone else would have questioned Iroh more. XD
1/24/2014 c2 6Fireborn101
When I first got the email about the update I was really excited because I thought that it was an email from my friend who I'm worried about because he's depressed and stuff, but it was this and it made me smile so thank you :)
I really loved how Aang just sort of bought it where as say...Suki would have noticed something was up and investigated.
1/1/2014 c1 44TexasDreamer01
That is a perfectly plausible reason for Iroh to not ascend to the throne.
9/27/2013 c1 1sunfun
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