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for Left 4 Halo

10/23/2013 c1 darkfinder
they did mention what happened . how they lost control .
6/8/2013 c4 devin
loved it
7/31/2012 c4 5LeviathanTamer
basement cat is not impressed although i am you handled it well... not perfect not amazing but well keep it up and then push it up and repeat until you are FABULOUS.
11/11/2011 c3 A.R
please tell me you will continue... please!
8/21/2011 c3 11Naruto Son Of Artemis
U.S. marines, huh?
2/17/2011 c2 reaper
more dammit
1/22/2011 c1 10Just a Crazy-Man
1/22/2011 c2 ShadowCub
Hell I'm for glassing this facility!

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